It’s Design Wall Monday

DSCN3679Over at Judy’s Patchwork times.  It’s always so fun and inspiring to see what everyone is working on.


Here’s what’s on my larger design wall.

I still have the Dog Pound Pals up there — I need to catch up on the last four blocks before next month!

On the right is part of the prior mystery quilt done on the blog – I had to take down a bunch of those blocks (well some fell down too) to make room for my current Camp Loopy – the Fabric Version – project. The Camp project just needs a final black border added all the way around and it will be ready for quilting.

Today – my final day of vacation – I’ll have to decide what I want to do. There’s laundry and some other cleaning – but I’m not too enthused about either of those.  Actually I may clean the sewing room since I’ve got little messes piled up all over from working on one Camp Loopy project after another and then pull out the fabrics to decide what I want to use for those last three dog blocks and get the pieces cut.

It also seems to be a fairly nice day outside so sitting out on the patio, sipping something and knitting also sounds like a fine plan.

But first things first – I’ve been wanting to perm my hair for a while and haven’t gotten around to it so that may be on today’s agenda.



3 comments on “It’s Design Wall Monday

    • LOL – nope, it’s way too time consuming to get a self-photo. When I perm, it’s only to get some body so my super straight fine hair is not totally flat to my head – you’ll just have to imagine it slightly fluffier.

  1. I love a busy design wall! My grands saw your doggie blocks and you should have heard the ooos and awws. Makes me feel bad for not doing any. Maybe one day.
    Love the Camp Loopy quilt. Such fun fabrics.

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