Finished… but headed to the time out basket….

DSCN3680 This is my CustomFit Summer Sweater KAL sleeveless cowl sweater.  It’s done… (before the deadline even) but it will go sit in the time out basket for a while.  The cowl neckline has conspired against me.

The sweater body fits just the way it should (thanks to CustomFit) but I was basing my sweater off a nonCustomFit design so part of the cowl problem is I think I made the neckline about 2″ too low.  This photo is shot from the camera sitting on the counter below me so since it’s not a straight on shot, you can’t see that the neckline is obscenely low.   Also, part of the problem is the yarn I used to make this.  It was some microspun I had in the stash and although it feels nice and soft, it’s not really drapeable.  Not a yarn I would use again.  So the cowl is just bulky and awkward and the cast off edge curls (I bound off a bit too tightly apparently).   So for KAL purposes I call it done but one of these days I’ll take the cowl back off and put a different neckline trim on it and then I think I’ll get lots of wear out of it.

Oh and heck – more yardage to add to my Knit the Stash tally!  I just remembered this.  This yarn actually did come from the stash and was not a recent purchase.  It’s been there several years.


3 comments on “Finished… but headed to the time out basket….

  1. It is so frustrating when such a beautiful color gives fitting headaches. The sweater is simply stunning and will be a knockout when the neckline is fixed to your liking. Congratulations on the finish.

  2. It is very pretty but I can understand the frustration of the cowl pulling that neckline too low. I am a sweater with a criss-cross tie at the neckline that does the same thing and I seldom wear it. So you are smart to put a different neck finish on it.

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