Fresh from the garden

My little garden plot, where once again today I pulled out tons of weeds – pigweed is my nemesis – is doing pretty well.  I’m waiting for that first ripe tomatoe – mine are all green and it will be a while before they ripen, but in the meantime I brought some back from my Dad’s and my sister’s gardens – he has red ones and she had some yellow ones to give me.  They live only about 3 hrs  away in Iowa but they are probably a good month ahead of us as far as growing season goes.

But what I did find in my garden — more cucumbers.

DSCN3673  Nothing says fresh from the garden like sweet and sour dilly cucumbers (at least to me) and the dill was fresh from one of my pots too.    I think it may be steak, cucumbers and corn on the cob for dinner tonight.

Now back to cutting the outer borders for my Camp Loopy quilt. The rows and sashing are all sewn together.  Could be I just might get to piecing the background tomorrow and getting it layered ..or I may just sit out on the patio and knit.   I’ve only got about 5 or six rows on my Summer KAL sweater to do on the cowl before I bind that off and see if I like it or hate the cowl (I’m hoping I like it ’cause I don’t want to rip all that back out), and then I’ll just have the armhole trim to add and sideseams to stitch – and a whole lot of ends to bury.


5 comments on “Fresh from the garden

  1. Pigweed is pretty good steamed with a splash of good vinegar. It is an edible weed. Check it put.

    • If someone wants to come pick it for dinner, they are more than welcome but it won’t be making its way to my table. We just refer to it as the creeping crud and as hard as those vines are to pull out, I can’t imagine eating that stringy stuff. I’m thinking some of the other varieties might be the ones that are better to eat. I’m not “hot” greens person anyway. I don’t even like lettuce on a hamburger because it gets warm and wilty. LOL

    • Cakes? I’m assuming you mean cukes? I don’t follow a recipe it’s just one of those things I learned to make from watching my Mom. It’s just white vinegar with sugar dissolved in it adding sugar until I get the right sweet/sour taste I like, once sugar is dissolved, add some salt and pepper, and some fresh dill and pour over the cukes, which I also add some chopped onion to.

  2. Your cucumbers look great. I have one tomato plant in a big pot on my deck and it has been giving me a nice ripe tomato about every 3 days for the past couple of weeks. Yum – nothing quite as good as fresh garden cukes and tomatoes.

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