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Here’s my Camp Loopy 3 knit project – Zigzagatory.  This yarn started out making little stripes where I cast on at one edge.  Then, as I increased stitches, it became wider looking stripes with more cream in between and the cream color mostly on the top edge, and now, where I have the widest portion, it’s starting to pool.  It gets much  longer but I think I’ve already done a couple of extra stitches beyond how wide the original pattern is.  I’ve got plenty of yarn so shouldn’t run into any problems with enlarging it a bit.  If I remember right the pattern instructions say it’s just shy of 10″ wide by 75″ long.  I’ll continue increasing until the width is about 12″ for the widest section where I stop increasing and just add length, and add another foot or more into that section in length too before the decreasing starts again.

I ran a few errands today, watered the garden which was extremely wilty looking.  I didn’t water last night because it was thundering and thundering while I was sitting out on the patio knitting and sipping my coffee yesterday evening and the sky was really black, but it all blew past us without a drip.  I did pick a couple of cucumbers so tomorrow I can make some sweet and sour cucumbers and have dill from my dill plant to add in. Yum.  And I picked a couple of bell peppers.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on my Camp Loopy sewing project 3.

So far, I’ve got all the pieced bird blocks finished.  I’m hoping to get the rest of the filler block pieces cut tonight so they’ll be ready to stitch on tomorrow.



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