Sweater Blocking

I finished off the back of my CustomFit KAL Summer Sweater much faster than I thought I would — I was thinking about the number of rows I had to knit after I bound off for the neckline on the front.

DSCN3639As you can see there a good number of rows – but I was spacing out the fact that on the back of a sweater there are very few rows between neck bind off and end of shoulder seem!  So I finished it off about midnight and decided – what the heck, lets get it socking and pull out the blocking boards so I can let it dry overnight with the fans on it.


But this morning it’s all dry and ready to go.  I need to sew the shoulder seams so I can start on the cowl neck.  Since this is a mashup of a CustomFit pattern and a commercial one, I need to see what the commercial pattern says about the neckline — it’s a cowl neck and I think with my yarn I will need to increase needle size as I knit the length on the cowl so it gets more drapey.


The lace pattern up  the front from the Erin pattern really blocked out nicely.



After setting this one to block last night I did do a few ore rows on my ESK 3rd Quarter challenge project – the Autumn Leaves Stole.  The beauty of this one will really be seen when it’s blocked and it’s so easy.


Here it is just laying there – interesting texture but can’t tell much



But when I pin out a portion of it the way it will looked blocked – you can see the elongated leaves.  I’m going to love this one and the yarn color is just perfect for it.



But enough dillydallying – more coffee and then to finish off the laundry and get to the rest of my cleaning of this very messy place.  Major cleaning needed and then I can mess it all up again the rest of the time I’m on vacation.


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  1. Thanks for a great blog! I’m mainly a quilter but am enjoying following your knitting posts. I just finished knitting & blocking a sweater, the first I’ve made in many years. Can you recommend a good source for information on sewing hand knits together? The information I’ve found online only addresses the basics, not easing sleeves and such. Thanks.

    • I highly recommend the Seaming Handknits with Chris Bylsma Craftsy Class. It goes on sale for $10 off the original price quite frequently but it was worth every penny and last time it was 2 a.m. when I had forgotten how to join a certain type of shoulder seam and all I had to do was pop the class up on the computer, go to that particular type of seam and stitch along with the video.

      • Thanks so much! I just registered for the class. I had received a discount email from Craftsy this morning.

      • Perfect timing! My favorite part of the class is the shoulder seams – the way she shows to stitch them and then pull both ends of the yarn and they all line up. Magic! LOL

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