On the Needles Friday, July 25, 2014

DSCN3633Well – not on the needles yet – but the new yarn I chose for my Camp Loopy 3 project has arrived.   Those who know me well know I don’t like pink.  I don’t wear it, I don’t quilt with it (except for Komen quilts) and I don’t knit with it  unless it’s for someone else.  My one exception is certain shades of pink with chocolatey browns.    The pink shades I this one are more brown pink and I really love them, especially when you throw in that green.  Can’t wait to see what this looks like caked (but I’m too lazy tonight to pull out the yarn swift) and knit.  The pattern I chose, Zigzagatry, is made in a longer color change yarn so has blocks of color.  It will be interesting to see if this pools, is more evenly variegated, or how it knits out.


I’ve  been knitting on my Customfit KAL sweater – inches of boring stockinette on the back but I’m getting closer to that neckline bind off.  I’ve been saving that one to work on at night and have been taking my Wiggle wrap along on the bus ride this week to work on.  I’m going to love this when it’s done but I’ve got a way to go and may need to get another ball of each color to get the length I want but will wait and see since I’ve got a while before I have to worry about that.

DSCN3635My vacation has officially started.  A friend took me out for a several days early birthday dinner, and gave me some great birthday presents – a book to read that I had been looking at last time we were in the bookstore (so I can sit out on the patio tomorrow morning, feet propped up in the other chair sippin’ coffee and read my book — okay except I believe Mother Nature has other plans and will be raining on my parade patio) and along with the book, she knows I love the horror/psychological thriller  movies (the ones she’s too scared to watch) so she got one that looks sufficiently scary on the front cover that she herself would never consider watching.  LOL  That will be my entertainment tonight I think – to see how well she picked. 😉  I’m hoping to get the back of my sweater done up to where I can bind of the neck tonight.




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  1. Love the rainbow effect on your Wiggle Wrap! I also like the colorway of your STR yarn; if you’ve not used STR before, I think you’ll like it! Now I need to take a peek at your Zig.. pattern, sounds interesting!

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