On the Needles Friday July 18, 2014


 Since I finished my Camp Loopy 2 project early, I’m back to knitting on my CustomFit Summer Sweater KAL top.   it doesn’t look real exciting in the photo but its finally moving along.  Last weekend I only had the ribbing done.  I’ve got another 10 rows or so before I start the bindoff for the armholes.  It’s the back, so it’s all stockinette.  The front is already finished.

But this weekend – hopefully (since it didn’t happen last weekend as planned) I really need to get my Camp Loopy quilt quilted.  I’m running out of time.  My plan is to turn off the computer and finally make a decision on what fabric I will use for the backing and get it pieced so tomorrow I can get it layered and get started.   And because the yarn swift is already hooked up to the table, I may wind a bit of my yarn for the next camp project so I can do a swatch and decide what size needles I want to use.

I’d like to know what crazy person decided to do  the Camp Loopy knitting projects AND the Camp Loopy quilting projects AND the Customfit KAL, AND the ESK quarterly challenge AND two new quilt designs for Hoffman Fabrics all when she’s extraordinarily busy at the day job and just wants to come home and veg in her favorite chair at night!  Dang that woman was crazy.. oh yeah – that was me!

Well the camp knit project is done, if I don’t get the Customfit or ESK challenges done by the deadlines I definitely won’t be heartbroken, and I do have one quilt pattern written and already turned in and only have to finish figuring yardage for the second design this weekend and then have a break until the pattern is actually needed.   I think I’ll survive.  And I’m really looking forward to being able to start the next two Camp Loopy projects August 1  cause I love the fabrics and yarn I got for those.      Must get quilt quilted, must get quilt quilted………   darn, no little elves made me dinner yet either! 😦