Is it Friday yet???

Things are just crazy busy around here – at work, at home.  Finished writing one quilt pattern last weekend.  Have another I need to figure out the yardage for — don’t actually have to have the pattern written up for another month or so but I tend to figure yardage as I write up the pattern.  But I was busy last night counting pieces and strips and how many pieces I could get out of a strip – you get the idea.  Then I decided – heck I wouldn’t really want to piece it that way – so I may rewrite it a different way. 😉  Need to have yardage figured by Monday so I think there will be some time spent this weekend figuring that out.

I am counting down the days until I take a bit of a vacation!  And I still need to quilt my Camp Loopy 2 project quilt and get it bound before the end of the month – and actually really need to have it done before the end of next week according to my own personal schedule.  But like Scarlett said … Tomorrow is another day!


In the meantime, check out what arrived in my mailbox – advance issues of the September/October issue of Quiltmaker.

The quilt design is mine but I can take no credit for that lovely quilt on the bed which was stitched by Donna Smith – but I love the colors they chose for it.

Another swapper signed up for the Spooktacular Halloween Block Swap so we now have the block patterns listed below spoken for.  I still need to get Sara’s blocks added to our “virtual quilt” on the swap page which, if you aren’t familiar with the block names, gives you a visual of what each block looks like.  The names in the list below correspond from top to bottom with the rows of the quilt.  You don’t need to swap a lot of blocks (1 set minimum which is three blocks) in order to get some of the other block designs.    And just to clarify for anyone new to swapping – if you sign up for one set, you make 3 blocks of the same block pattern.  But you get back three DIFFERENT block patterns, not a SET of three same pattern blocks  made by someone.  So an easy way to get a lot of variety in block pattern, variety in fabrics, to make a fun Halloween themed project.

I also got a question – are paper pieced blocks allowed.  Yes – when I said it needed to be a “pieced block” in my mind, that includes paper pieced (but I neglected to actually type that in the swap rules).  Just carefully remove all the paper on paper pieced blocks before you send  them.


Sara’s blocks aren’t in the virtual quilt yet but I’ll be adding those as soon as I get a few free minutes!  Now to go find some dinner.



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  1. I want to enter the Halloween swap, too. Haven’t had a chance to look up blocks yet. I hope to be able to do that tomorrow night. (crossing fingers).

    Mel Meister Deltona, Florida

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