The plan….

camploopy3So here’s what I plan to make for my Camp Loopy 3 – the Fabric Version – project.

It may look familiar since it is actually a slightly rearranged portion of the design I did for Hoffman California Fabrics Winter Greetings fabric line last year.

The colors shown in it have absolutely nothing to do with the fabrics I’m using – they are just placeholders for how I plan to space out the prints.

The background will be made up of a bunch of different black tone on tone fat quarters which are from one of the Short Stacks I need to use.  And the other larger colored areas will be the Charley Harper Short Stack – prints that I don’t want to cut up much.  And there’s a tomato colored solid mixed in that short stack which I would have enough to do the birds and cornerstones but I got it in my head it really needs the tomato color for the binding too.  So… yep you guessed it.. my original order of fabric hasn’t even arrived yet and I had to order more of the tomato and since I was at it I ordered both a cream and white since I’m not sure whether the background in the CH prints are more white or cream, and just for good measure a gray short stack.  I’ll use the gray for the bird bodies and I love gray fabrics anyway so whatever I don’t use will join the stash.

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