On the Needles – Friday, July 11, 2014

Image2 Well not the best photo laying there but it got too late on me to get a photo outside.   My Pine Forest Baby Blanket (for the future great niece or nephew) is nearly done.  Just the final 8 or so rows of garter stitch to add to the end so should get it finished up tonight.  So my Camp Loopy knit project 2 will be done before we’re even half way through the month.  Which is good, since my Camp Loopy quilt project 2 needs to be quilted yet before the end of the month!

This week was also shopping week for the 3rd and final for this summer’s virtual Camp Loopy knit and sewing projects.  You can find the fabric version of Camp Loopy 3 info here.   And there’s a link in that post to the yarn version 3 project.

I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to do for the knit project.  I’d look at yarn, then I’d search Ravelry, then I’d go back to the yarn — this went on for nearly 3 hours!  I had it narrowed down to two projects.

I love the look of the Wintersweet Scarf.  I like the subtle colorwork, the way the hood looks and mostly I love that it looks super warm and after the  never-ending frigid days I stood at the bus stop this past winter, I’m all about knitting things that are incredibly warm.  And it’s much better than wearing a hat – this scarf/hood I would definitely wear!   But this is where part of my yarn confusion  began.  The info on Ravelry says DK weight yarn; the yarn it was actually made in is Aran weight yarn.  I checked out the project pages of others who made it and many used DK or even lighter — but many had problems with the scarf sides wanting to curl.  Scarfs have a tendency to do that but in my mind it might also be because of the lighter weight yarn.  So I really wanted to use Aran weight but just couldn’t find any colors that were calling to me (part of this project is to also use a color you love).  One color combination I thought I would really like would not go with any single winter coat I own – and I do have several to choose from so I don’t know that I really need to go buy a new winter coat to match my scarf/hood.     So after sending friend Judy an email whining cause I couldn’t decide what to do, I decided I’d wait until the next day to make my decision.  Three hours of searching was more than enough.

So next day I decided I’ll wait on Wintersweet and see what the next yarn updates might bring in, and go with my second choice, Puck.   Should be another good “knitting on the bus” project and tv watching project.  As for what colors I chose? Well you’re just going to have to wait and see until my Boxes (yes two) of Fun arrive from the Loopy Ewe – one with my yarn and the other for the fabric challenge project.

The fabric project I had a much easier time with.  I’m going to do a bit of tweaking to my Snowbirds design I did for Hoffman California Fabrics to use with the fabrics I ordered.  For this challenge we needed to use Two Short Stacks (fat quarter packs) – so I got some Charley Harper fabrics I’ve  had my eye on – great looking birds – and the other short stack had to be from their essentials collections – which are all tone one tones so I got a black set which I think will work well.  I think one or two of my cardinals will look good mixed with those fabrics.

So I have my plan once August 1 rolls around and we can start on our 3rd projects.


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  1. Anxious to see what you do with Charlie Harper. Made a cardinal quilt for my daughter as she loves his work. With your imagination, yours should soar.

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    • It will be a bit of a challenge with the Charley Harper fabrics because most of the pieces are just from the Short Stack so have to figure out how to use those fat quarters to best advantage. I did order a couple of the non-bird prints to mix in but those are only 1/4 hard pieces or maybe half yard of one. I have a plan, but will have to wait until I see the fabrics in person if it will work the way I hope. 🙂

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