Top Done!

Two long days of cutting and sewing and making a mess all over my sewing room but look what I’ve got to show for it.  My quilt top for Camp Loopy Project 2 is done!  (I’m going to have to come up with a better name for it than “Camp Loopy Project 2”) 🙂  Just finished pressing the final borders.

DSCN3602I had planned to use the dark blue that is the sashing squares for the binding  which would have tied that darker color in a bit more but just remembered what that dark fabric is left over from – and its a project that is not yet finished so I’d  better save it rather than use it for binding.

So tomorrow I’ll make some binding and see if the backing fabric I bought is large enough.  I think I’ll probably have to add to it since this project turned out larger than what my original quilt plan was.

And, if I’m really good and clean up the sewing room, I might even get the table cleared off so I can start layering this one …. but as for tonight – I’ve got no interested in cleaning the sewing room and think perhaps a bowl of popcorn and then may be some knitting are a much better way to spend my time.


9 comments on “Top Done!

  1. could you write the directions; I would love to buy this pattern, it looks like it could adapt to many holidays!

    • It’s not the type of pattern I would sell through MyEQBoutique but it will likely end up as a freebie on the blog at some point in the future.

    • I didn’t piece each individual little segment – that would be way too time consuming. 🙂 I made strip sets of the various size sections -with a white strip and a colored strip in their specific sizes for each section – and then subcut all the pieces.

      • Thanks that is even easier. What a great way to use up the extra fabric we always have.

  2. That turned out well! I am still plugging along with getting applique pieces ready for various projects.

  3. I seen a quilt made like this at one of the retreats, but different border. I love yours so much better very complimentary

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