On the Needles Friday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!  In my neighborhood, the fireworks show was last night. I can hear it loud and clear since it’s only about three blocks from my house.  There’s some big trees between me and the hill they shoot them off from but I can seen them sparkling through the trees from my patio. Only problem — with all the storms and humidity we had the past two weeks, a bumper crop of mosquitos have been hatched.  I stood out there just for a minute and had to take cover inside because they were so bad.

We finally get a day that’s nice enough open the windows – right now it’s 65 sunny and no humidity – but the mosquitos were coming in through the screens and buzzing my head in the sewing room so had to close things back up.

Anyway…… before I get to work on my Camp Loopy fabric project – and no, I have not changed my mind again from last night and the project I posted yesterday – that’s the one I’ll be cutting out — here’s just a couple items on or off or getting ready to be on the needles…



This is my CustomFit Summer Sweater KAL project.  It will be sleeveless and it will get a large loose (hopefully with the right amount of drape in this yarn) cowl neck.  The back is cast on and I have just a little of the ribbing done on that.  I need to finish this by August 15 if I’m to finish by the deadline.



Next up is my Camp Loopy Project two which is going so quickly (which is good considering all the things I need to get done in short order).

DSCN3586I just added the third ball of yarn last night so I’m halfway done! It’s got two extra repeats of the stitch pattern across the width since I wanted it a bit wider than the measurements said in the pattern.


And  with amazingly little digging this morning (you know things are usually in the last place you look but not this time) I also found  the Madelinetosh Vintage yarn I had gotten from ESK that I wanted to use for their 3rd quarter challenge.


The Firewood color is pretty – a pretty shade of brown with subtle hints more gold or reddish like glowing embers.


In looking back at my account, I added  the Autumn Leaves Stole pattern into my queue the day before I bought this yarn so I must have actually picked this yarn for that pattern (yarn does not always get used for the original intended project).


Oh no – it’s already 10 a.m. and I’ve been puttering away the morning.  Time to get dressed, refill my cup, and get to cutting those fabrics for my quilt!



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    • Thanks. After sitting at a computer at work all week I usually don’t want to go sit in the sewing room at a sewing machine all night — so I usually just do my quilting on the weekends (unless it’s hand applique I’m working on) and knit in the evenings and on my bus rides to and from work.

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