Lunch break!

Again – I missed breakfast (other than many cups of coffee) so I need to stop and find some lunch before it becomes dinnertime!  I did stop between pressing a block and go cut up my rather ripe bananas and stick them in the fridge to freeze so I think it will be fruit smoothy for lunch.

Are you picky about bananas and how ripe they need to be in order to eat them.   I’m really picky about how ripe a banana has to be when I eat it and it doesn’t take more than a day or two for them to go beyond that “perfect” ripeness spot when I won’t eat them.  But, I have discovered that although they may be too ripe for me to just peel and eat, they simply move to the next level  — there is also a line between “cut up and freeze for smoothies” and “way too ripe so just stick whole bananas in a baggie and freeze for banana bread or muffins.”    Yes, my bananas and I have a very complicated relationship. LOL

And ever since sticking the cut bananas in the freezer earlier this morning, I’m been sewing and trying to figure out what combination of fruit I want in my smoothy (yes, I’m definitely hungry) but there’s lots to choose from – frozen  bags of peaches, wild blueberries, regular blueberries or strawberries; fresh raspberries and pineapple.  Okay – that settles it – time to go make one – wild blueberry, banana and pineapple I think.

But – why I started this post in the first place — here’s my top row of blocks minus the sashing that goes between them.  I cut out just one row  to make sure I liked it. and I do.  After lunch I’ll start cutting the rest – that will be the slowest part since I’m sort of decide which fabrics go where in each individual block, so there’s lots of variety with the fabrics not all in the same spot in multiple blocks.  But the stitching is super easy and quick.




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  1. We buy bananas when they are still green. They have to be eaten before the first spot appears on the peel. Otherwise, they’re too ripe. But you’re absolutely right…they do freeze well and work great in smoothies.

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