Happy Saturday!

I just looked at the time and it’s 12:05 a.m.  — how the heck did it get that late!!?   Could be I didn’t notice it because I was busy swearing at two of my sashing strips for my quilt.  I hadn’t noticed that I’d grabbed the wrong length pieces to stitch together until I had several of them stitched with all the cornerstones.  Oh well, a bit of ripping never hurt anybody – just annoyed them! LOL

But all is back the way it should be and the center of my quilt with all its sashing is now stitched together.

topsashedTomorrow’s (or later today’s I guess) task will be to figure out which fabrics to use for the next two plain borders that get added.  Will have to see which ones I have the longest pieces of.

Enough sewing – time to go knit a while.


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