Change of plans … again

I keep changing my mind on what sort of pattern I want to use for my Camp Loopy – the Fabric Version – 2nd camp project.  But I have to stop doing that because tomorrow I’m going to start cutting!

camploopy2     So here’s my latest plan.  The colors showing in the design have absolutely nothing to do with the fabrics I’ll be using but I was too lazy to pull in a different fabric palette.  I like the rectangular shape of the blocks.  Should be simple and easy – I’m on a time deadline to get it made AND quilted and bound before the end of the month remember.    I’m undecided on the border — I have to use up a certain amount of my fabrics in the project per the Camp rules so if I have too much left and need to use more, I may do the border but if not I may opt for something plainer because I can also use my required fabrics on the backing.   I’m going to wait until my blocks are done to figure it  out.

So, what’s on my agenda for July (especially this long 3 day weekend where I need to get lots accomplished!)?

  • Need to make this quilt or something similar (no I am not changing my mind again…. I think)

Work on my Camp Loopy knitting project – the Pine Forest Baby Blanket which is knitting up super quick.  The late night tornado warnings and thunderstorms the last three nights have helped with that — since I was up watching the warnings and where the y were headed I got lots of knitting done.

I think the pattern calls for just over 600 yards (and we need to use at least 600) but I wanted to make it a bit wider than the pattern so I have 880 yards total among my four balls of yarn — I’ve just got a row or two to knit and I’ll have used up half that amount of yarn.  Loving this pattern and how quick it works up (and planning to use the same stitch pattern in a fall KAL sweater I plan to do in a few months).

Anyway – there’s also my CustomFit Summer Sweater KAL project – the mango colored sleeveless top.  The front is now done and back is cast on and just a couple rows of ribbing done.  The back is just plain stockinette stitch so should go much more quickly than the front where I was following two different charts.  The deadline for this one is August 15.

And then friend Judy mentioned the Eat.Sleep.Knit new quarterly challenge that just started July 1.   I had forgotten about their quarterly challenges since I was so busy with everything else.  LOL  – not that I’m not busy now but I’m going to try to do this challenge as well — after all it’s a “challenge” — if I don’t get it done by the deadline, not a big deal but there’s 3 months to get it done.   So I had to go see what my oldest queued project was in Ravelry — Autumn Leaves Stole — thank goodness not long ago I cleaned out the Ravelry queue and got rid of the projects I had put that I decided “what was I thinking?!”.  I love the Autumn Leaves Stole and still want to make it so — pattern selected.  And, I know you’ll find this hard to believe but I didn’t order yarn for it – I have some MadTosh Vintage in Firewood colorway I bought earlier this year from ESK that will be perfect for this project.  So I’m all set – except I have to find which container that yarn is stashed in.

So the question is – how much of this stuff will I get finished or make substantial progress on during this 3 day weekend???  Time will tell.  If I stay off the computer – a whole lot more than if I don’t. 🙂



3 comments on “Change of plans … again

  1. I like this pattern. I am going to make you laugh now. When I first looked at this and read about it, I did not notice the varigated binding. I just saw the white area. And I thought, if she doesn’t add borders, is she going to bind around all those orderly but uneven pieces all the way around? The bind for that would use a lot of fabric! And t hink of all the mitering. LOL

    • I did actually make a small quilt had the uneven piano key sort of border on it — but I think it’s much easier to use a facing to do those rather than put actual binding on the edges.

  2. Oh my gosh makes my head spin I am a one project at a time but right now I have three or four going I am wondering if i will get any of them done. I like your pattern it does look modern.but then again hummmmm hugs

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