Sunday’s stitchin’

I’ve been busy  today in the sewing room and looking around me – gosh have I made a huge mess!!!  I was on a roll and didn’t stop to clean up between projects so there are fabrics and batting and scraps all over.  I have no idea why the room that has a  tiny wastebasket is my sewing room.  But then I generally use the Eleanor Burns method of getting rid of scraps — toss them on to the side of the table on the floor. LOL   But I’ll just close the door when I walk out of it and later this week I’ll work at getting everything back where it belongs.

But here’s what I’ve been working on.


But the Wisconsin Shop Hop project is done and washed.

I still have enough bits and pieces that I may be able to make a smaller wall hanging out of the leftovers.




Then I pulled out the ladybug quilt that I had previously done about half the quilting on.    Finished quilting that one and added the binding so just need to hand stitch that down. Photo will follow when the binding is finished.


Then I pulled out the two Dog Pound Pal blocks I had made on the plaid background.   I changed my mind after making those and decided I wanted the dogs made out of batiks so restarted that project.  I decided to finish the dogs on plaid as two individual little wall hangings.  So added a simple two color border to each block and quilted them so just have the binding to hand stitch to the back on those two as well.



And as I was digging through a stack of finished projects, I found the little cupcake wall hanging and thought I had previously finished it but no – the binding was just pinned down.  So stitched that to the back and it’s now finished.



9 comments on “Sunday’s stitchin’

  1. Wow, you are very busy and productive. I am wanting to be that way, but vacation is getting in the way. 😦 I have made 3 of the small fabric trash cans. I did the prep work on this on this trip. What fun. Meloney

  2. Denise, you inspire me with the volume of work you accomplish each week. I wonder how much I will achieve this week.

  3. Great progress! There must be something in the air, as I’ve been picking up and finishing UFOs in my sewing room too. :o)

  4. Wow but you knock them out fast… Love your choices in projects, fabric and quilting. Thanks for sharing

  5. Just wondered what kind of clips you have on your puppy quilts?
    Did you get them somewhere special?

    • They are Clover binder clips – I absolutely love them and will never pin a binding in place again. Amazon has the best deal I’ve found – 100 clips for $25. If you buy the clips in smaller quantities you end up paying nearly 3 times and much and if you buy the ones that come in a plastic box – it’s crazy what the price becomes when you figure it out per clip. Heck, there’s always a container or box or something around to store them in. 🙂

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