A busy day of sewing

Whew – it’s 11 p.m. and I just filled up my coffee cup for a coffee break and a little treat.  I’ve been busy sewing since about lunch time – watched 4 or 5 different movies (well mostly listened to them) and my Wisconsin fabric project is ready to have the binding added!   Here’s a portion of it – it’s sort of hanging off  the table – all quilted.

007I made it a smaller wall hanging size  – two rows shorter than the layout I originally drew for the baby quilt design.

When finished, it will probably go into the pile for the quilt sale – co-workers have been asking when the next “Denise has too many quilts piled around her house” sale will be.  LOL  I haven’t had one for a while since I haven’t had a lot of quilting time but there is a growing stack.

So now to take out the rest of the pins and trim some threads.  The binding is already made and waiting – half the length of the binding is a red print and the other half the honey bee print since I was just working with fat quarters – which I think will look nice.


5 comments on “A busy day of sewing

  1. I really like how that design showcases your shop hop fabrics. And the pink and blue squares really give it a secondary focus. Very cute! And I’m guessing some one will be delighted to purchase this to celebrate their home state. My mom would have loved it – as she loved all things “Wisconsin”.

    • Thanks – the “pink and blue” are actually red and black, the camera didn’t want to pick up the colors correctly – compounded by the fact that they are both a very thin stripe fabric with white which also doesn’t really pick up in the photo well.

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