On the Needles Friday – June 20, 2014

003  My CustomFit Summer Sweater KAL project is coming along.  I’ve got about half the front done.


My other summer sweater – the blue one I’ve previously shown – I did (operative word here is “did”) have the seed stitch hem area all done for the front.  I was placing the markers where the body shaping would go so I could figure out how wide to make the decorative section up the center front so it wouldn’t interfere with the increases and decreases and discovered that some crazy woman (me) had cast on about 20 more stitches on the front than the pattern called for.  I have no clue how I managed to do that — must have had a certain number of stitches (the wrong number) stuck in my head.  So last night ripped all that back to restart it.

My Wiggle Wrap has been my bus knitting project this week (one I ruined the hem of the other sweater) since the melon colored top I need to concentrate a bit more on and mark off rows as I go along so save that one for the evenings.  Couple more inches have been added to the Wiggle Wrap.





This yarn might have found it’s way to my house my this week.

005It’s Blue Moon BFL Fingering and I think will be used for a gift.  I just fell in love with the color combination so couldn’t resist.



I also received a Box of Fun this week but rather than containing yarn, this one contained the fabrics for my second Camp Loopy fabric project.  I especially love the daisy prints and that top green print on the Short Stack is little chicks – with the checks and other prints it’s a fun group of fabrics that I think will turn into a baby quilt for a little girl – if I can part with it.

But for now, the waiting game until it’s time to start on the Camp Loopy  knitting and fabric project #2 on July 1.   Not that I don’t have plenty of things to keep me busy in the meantime.



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  1. I just started following your Blog about a month ago. What is Camp Loopy? Your fabrics are gorgeous!

    • It’s a “virtual” summer camp – June July and August hosted by my favorite online yarn shop (which also now carries fabrics). You make a different project each month of your choice per some monthly guidelines – there are chat groups on Ravelry.com (there’s a fabric verison of camp and a yarn version of camp so you can join one or both). The info for the upcoming July camp fabric project is here and if you go back to earlier that week you’ll find the yarn camp project info for July. This is the first year for “fabric” camp, previous years have just been yarn camp but I’ve done it every year since they started it and it’s great fun.

  2. I live about three miles from BMFA headquarters. Don’t get any perks except I don’t have to travel as far to the barn sale.

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