Camp Loopy Fabric project 1 completed!


I just put the final binding stitches in my Camp Loopy Fabric Project 1 –  “Snow on the Lake”.  You can see the fabrics and idea I started with here  and my finished wall hanging follows that idea pretty closely.  I added a few more bits of batik from the stash to add a bit more variety.

The remaining fabrics got used in the backing.  The tree (and his face) show up on the back since all the other quilting except the tree was done in white thread.  I did have to scramble through the left over scraps to find fabric for binding.  Not enough of any one fabric left so the upper right corner and the lower left corner have one of the lighter fabrics  for binding and the rest is dark blue — it’s a breezy day outside so my tree was blowing around a bit making it difficult to get a good photo.



7 comments on “Camp Loopy Fabric project 1 completed!

  1. very striking. I love your choice of colors. I had to look twice before I realized the eyes were on the trunk. Where do all your ideas come from? you are always so busy and accomplish so much. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thanks – the face really doesn’t show from the front – you’d have to know it was there since the thread matches the dark fabric – but it makes me laugh.

  2. I simply love your quilt. When you first started the quilt, I was not at all impressed. When you added the tree I fell in love with it. Glad to see it again all finished.

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