Camp Loopy 2014 Knitting Project 1 complete

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It’s blocked, the ends are woven it, and it’s ready to go in a drawer until I need to use it.


I love the way it turned out and the Shalimar Breathless yarn is so nice and soft.   I need to stop making purple shawls tho — the TGV shawl I made for a past year’s Camp Loopy project is overall similarly shaped  to this one except for wide ruffle rather than lace and is also purple – but a brighter shade.



5 comments on “Camp Loopy 2014 Knitting Project 1 complete

    • Thanks – I love that lace pattern too and so easy. I’m planning sort of a lower hip length tunic that I want to put that lace pattern around the bottom of – think it would be so cute all scallopy on a sweater and bottoms of sleeves.

    • When I was uploading some yarn project photos I realized I’ve made three of them – I had forgotten about the small one with the beads on it. No more purple ones. LOL

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