A plan

campimagAfter a while playing in EQ, I’ve come up with my plan for the second Camp Loopy fabric project.  I need a baby quilt for a coworker so might as well tackle that one.

Again, here’s the fabrics I chose. And then I wasn’t sure I had enough yardage and ordered a yellow tone on tone check  and more of two of the fabrics in the Short Stack.  Somehow I’ll make it all work.

crssingpths I’ll work on figuring out what fabrics go where once I get them all in and can see them in person.

Just a simple design since I didn’t want to really cut the daisy prints up much.

And I also came across in EQ an old design I had been drawing on but  hadn’t finished – it had no borders – but inspiration struck and I rather like it now.  Maybe I’ll actually get around to making this one after Camp Loopy has concluded and I’m not knitting a project and sewing a project each month in addition to everything else I’m working on! LOL





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  1. I love how you use simple shapes to create vibrant interesting quilts. The top one appeals to me especially… the use of the blue just pulls it all together! Thanks for posting these.

  2. I like that old EQ project you still had, too. It doesn’t look too difficult (always a plus), and I especially love your colors!!

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