An Extra Fun Box of Fun

My Camp Loopy 2 knitting project supplies arrived today along with a great surprise – a Reward Level surprise.

001This so cute canvas type tote bag.  I will definitely be putting this to use!




Along with that a hat pattern, and the yarn and beads to make it.


002It is actually a style of hat I think I would wear -I prefer slouchy so it doesn’t totally smush my already very straight hair to my head.  The beads are gorgeous tho they just look rather blah in my photo.  The fact that it’s brown, as is my fall polar fleece coat – yep I need to make this hat!


Oh and yes

003let’s not forget the yarn I ordered for the Pine Forest Baby Blanket.  I’m all set for Camp Project 2 once I print the pattern and find the needles I need but will just have to try to patiently wait until July 1 to start.


I did just finish the quilting on my Snow on the Lake wall hanging and the binding is attached so I just need to hand stitch the binding to the back while watching tv one night.