On the Needles Friday – June 13, 2014

There has been lots of knitting going on there – on lots of different things too!

002My Ethel shawl, which is my Camp Loopy knitting project 1, is done – or it was.  Notice that nice (or not so nice) curling roll along the top.  I bound it off and then remember – duh – there was supposed to be a couple rows of garter stitch along the top edge – no wonder it’s curling so bad.  So tonight I will probably undo my bind off and add those garter rows.  Good thing I didn’t really knit to the end of my last ball of yarn – I won’t have to tink anything other than the bind off and can just reattach the ball and add the additional rows.

003  I just love the simple lace design along the bottom and it will look even better once I get it blocked.


I’m planning a future cardigan made from that lace pattern I like it so much.

And then there’s the CustomFit (CF) Summer Sweater KAL — I already had one summer sweater in progress — this blue one — which doesn’t look too exciting so far.  I finished off the shoulders tonight on my bus ride home.  This is the back and just all plain stockinette except the hem area which is seedstitch.  I got the front cast on during my ride home also so I’ve got the width of the seed stitch hem to decide what pattern I want to put on the front of the sweater.  It will mostly be stockinette with just a panel of something up the center and will have elbow length sleeves if I remember right.



But I decided I wanted to make a summer sleeveless shell for under a navy linen suit so that’s the one I’m making for the CF Summer Sweater KAL — the KAL goes for 3 months so even with Camp Loopy going on, I’m hoping I’ll get it done.

Here’s the beginning of the CF KAL shell.  I decided to start on the front with the shell since I was working on the back of the other one and was anxious to see how the lace pattern looked since I “borrowed” it from a different pattern.


So I’m busy knitting along.  The Camp Loopy project 2 was announced earlier this week – the project doesn’t start until July 1, but it’s camp shopping week.  So I was off to search out patterns that fit the criteria for the second project and decided to do Pine Forest Baby Blanket (since I just found out I’m going to be a Great Auntie) and my yarn should probably be arriving tomorrow – Cascade 220  in Citron – a bright limey-ish green.

Tomorrow – breakfast out with a friend and some shopping.  And hopefully I’ll get my Camp Loopy fabric project finished this weekend as well. I’m striving to get the Camp projects done ahead of schedule rather and fighting to get them both done at the end of the month — so far, I think I’m on track.



6 comments on “On the Needles Friday – June 13, 2014

  1. I love your quilts, and you’re so kind to share many of your patterns with the public for free.
    But this is really a comment about your knitting. Your projects always turn out so lovely. And the fit on them is so exact, all I can say is Wow!
    I can crochet, but as much as my dear grandmother tried to teach me to knit, I just never could coordinate my hands…something about 2 needles I suppose..lol
    Even now, all I can manage is to knit just a basic scarf, knit stitch only… as when I try to “toss in” purl stitch I find I knit when I should purl, and vice versa…
    Are you self taught on knitting? I live in a small town, and unfortunately so far haven’t found anyone who teaches knitting, or anywhere I could take a class. I’ve researched books, and if you have time, I would love suggestions on any you may think would be good for a beginner. Thank you,

    • I do remember my Mom knitting mittens for us kids but don’t remember her knitting anything other than mittens (I’m going to have to ask her if she ever knit anything other than that) – tho keeping 4 kids in mittens could be a very time-consuming task. I took a knitting class in 4-H butanything beyond the basics is self-taught. Tho I can’t really suggest a beginner book, with access to the internet it’s much easier to learn how to do things. Tons of videos and tutorials which make it so much easier to learn when you can actually see someone knitting in action rather than just photos in a book. My suggestion would be to take the Knit Lab with Stephanie Japel beginner Craftsy class (the one that teaches knit, purl, increase decrease – you need to look at the class description to make sure you have the right one– not to be confused with other Knit Lab classes that are on more advanced knit topics.) I haven’t taken the specific class but have taken other Craftsy knitting classes (the Seaming Handknits class is brilliant! in my estimation) and loved them.

  2. You are amazing! To do two projects in one month’s time….. Wow! To think that I’m worried about finishihg a larger project in a month.

  3. Love the color and pattern for your CF KAL shell. The CF looks like the way to go since all of your sweaters turn out so pretty and actually fit! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • CF is definitely the way to go in my opinion if you have to do any altering to a pattern to get it to fit – which I always did and which was why I never used to really make sweaters. Too expensive and time consuming to knit all that yarn and then not like it or not have it fit. Now I know it’s going to fit so am really enjoying it.

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