What’s on the Needles the day after Friday June 7, 2014

I never did get around to doing this blog post last night.  I laid in bed for 2 hrs and couldn’t sleep and decided I could be knitting, I could be sewing, I have Camp Loopy knitting and sewing projects to work on — so much for laying there awake.   The coffee pot is on and I just need to tidy a bit of my sewing table before I can square up my wall hanging and then measure for borders.

But on the knitting front I’ve had my fingers flying this week.

Camp Loopy project – the Ethel shawl – started last weekend.  I’ve actually gone past where the pattern says to bind off.


But I didn’t want to waste any of the Shalimar Breathless yarn  – it feels so nice, so I’ll continue knitting until most of that ball is gone and cast off – it will just make my shawl a bit deeper which is always a good thing.

I also actually got a bit more done on my blue summer sweater I started a while ago — the back has just a few more inches since I’m more than half way done with the armholes.

But, since I seem to live by the rule that “if here are spare needles empty there are not enough projects in the progress and you should cast on another one,”  I cast on last night for the next Customfit  Sweater KAL.  I finished the “CF Cardipalooza KAL” – yes I actually finish some of those projects on the needles!  And  now its a CF Summer Sweater KAL –I’m going to be making Erin rav_link  making a few changes through CF which is so easy.  I’m using a different weight yarn, will shorten it a bit since I don’t want it low hip length – I want it for under a navy linen suit and it will be done in this Mango color.

018 The top part of my swatch is just one  repeat of the patter that will go up the center front.

So I cast on this one last night and will work on it around my Camp Loopy projects since the end of this specific KAL is mid-August.

So with all this knitting going on, my Wiggle Wrap has gone into summer hibernation until after Camp.

So time for a refill on my coffee and then back to my wall hanging for Fabric Camp Loopy.

Oh and the Wollmeise I was speedy enough to get at the last update came in —  I thought I’d get a truer color photo outside – well heck it’s not even 5:30 so not a whole lot of daylight out there yet.  The red is a bit darker I real life and the one that looks sort of greenish is actually a taupe-y brown and the far right is a pretty burgundy.

Yes – now to get the calculator and add up all the latest additions to the stash!


6 comments on “What’s on the Needles the day after Friday June 7, 2014

  1. Nice. You are one fast knitter. I’ve barely finished the border of my CL project. And I’m never quick enough to get any Wollmeise either. Erin looks like a nice pattern!

  2. Everything is just so purdy, I especially like your shawl. I consider myself old fashioned, so I love shawls, and hats…wish hats would come back in style like the women used to ware to Church and all.
    Sorry I rambled.
    Lisa in Alabama

  3. I know those sleepless nights! I fight with myself about whether to keep trying to sleep or just get up and get busy. Love that mango yarn! And the design in Erin in so lovely. I’ve also been thinking about joining the CF Summer Sweater KAL although I have not yet tried out the CF method. I bought Amy’s class on Craftsy (though I’ve not watched it yet – bad me!) and read a good bit on her blog. I already have a pattern and yarn, so I’m thinking to just jump in!

  4. Denise, your blog is one of my favorites. Love your dry sense of humour. Your results with needles are brilliant! Kim

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