The tree…

008  Had to run out and get a glue stick to attach my tree. I just picked up some generic ones since I didn’t go to the fabric store and won’t make that mistake again.  By the time I got most of the tree glued in place, the section where I started was coming loose.  And there was hardly any glue in a stick.  Probably should have bought Elmer’s.   But it’s stitched down now so I need to decide what I want to use for backing.


While contemplating that and finalizing my quilting plan for it, think I’ll clean up a bit of the mess I made and see if the garden needs watering.


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  1. I would wait on watering as you seam to get my weather the day after I do and we just got a ton of it. Back to flooded streets and creeks are over flowing… Check your weather forecast..

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