On to the tree

005 I love the way that blue/green outer border print looks with the inner strips.



I’ve been busy the last couple hours pressing strips and adding all my border sections.  The real bugger was squaring up the sides since when I added all my strips I didn’t cut each one a specific length.


A good morning’s progress but I still haven’t made breakfast and I’m now officially starved  (I just had to get that last border section added first).


So here’s the center all done (tho a bit of a cockeyed photo since I had to move it to a larger design wall and didn’t get a straight on photo)  and I can get started on the tree next.



2 comments on “On to the tree

  1. I think that border really works well with all the fabrics. I am struggling with doing a border now for a New York Beauty quilt, and wish I had your color sense.

    Thanks for keeping us updated with all your creations


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