It’s been a busy morning at FCL

FCL meaning Fabric Camp Loopy. 🙂

Sewing of strips commenced and many cups of coffee have been consumed.  Time to switch to my official camp mason jar beverage container (I forgot all about it) and make some lunch but here’s my progress so far.

blues It’s hard to get a true color photo right now because the window is right next to this design wall and it’s washing out the right side of the photo so you can’t see the subtle changes between some of those lighter fabrics and making the other side looking more yellowed but this design wall was the perfect width for this project so far and I didn’t want to have to clear off the larger one.

It’s such a nice day  – well despite the fact that there will be a big crash of thunder, I’ll unplug the computer and sewing machine, it will sprinkle for less than five minutes while the sun is still shining, stops,  and then an hour or so will pass and it will do it all gain. LOL  Very strange.

But, I’ve been busy piecing the individual strips.  I’ve got 16 up there on the design wall and I think I need to make two more and then I can start joining them all to each other. But the Camp Elves forgot to bring me breakfast (but thank goodness left a full put of coffee) and I’m starving so those two strips will have to wait until I go foraging for food!


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    • No, I really have no interest in those and I certainly don’t have room for them. LOL There is always something else that can be done around here if storms were persistent.

  1. Absolutely love your blog. You are a really good writer. You have given me many chuckles!

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