Giveaway status and Camp Loopy has opened!!!

First – the magazine giveaway winners announced yesterday — be sure to claim your magazine if you still want it.  The winners were

Judy D in WA, Paula Cox, Judy in OKC, Barbara Winkler, Fran Cummings, Judy S, Dorothy Munger, and Marie Sagers.

So far, Judy D, Marie Sagers, Judy in OKC and Dorothy Munger have contacted me.  Dorothy you still need to let me know what magazine you want.  Still waiting to hear from the rest of the winners next Saturday I’ll offer them to the rest of the ladies who signed up on that giveaway.   And so far, A, B and one of the E’s are gone.


And yes – Camp Loopy officially started at midnight and as I’m always up late – even more so on the weekends – I cast on my Ethel Shawl   in my lovely  Shalimar Wisteria yarn…..  and cast on and cast on and cast on….


You start out at the bottom edge so are casting on the longest edge but the lace pattern is so easy to memorize and I’m already contemplating making a CustomFit sweater and using that lace pattern on it – it would make the bottom of the sweater sort of scallopy but I have more than enough to keep me busy right now!   Despite the long rows, which will get shorter as I go and the beauty is altho shaping is done with  short rows, there is no wrap and turn or doublestitch – just a super simple way to avoid any holes – love it.  I didn’t bother to take any photos because it doesn’t look like much so far all scrunched up on my needles.

So midnight I cast on my Camp Loopy knitting project and this morning, I’ve already been busy in the sewing room, cutting my fabric strips for Camp Loopy – the fabric version. 🙂

Remember – this is the design I’m planning to make.


I have done a little more tweaking on the tree (but this is the old version in this image).  I’m going to wait until I get the rest of the quilt put together before making a final decision on the tree — just exactly how big I want it to be.  I also need to check on my supply of fusible since I’m just going to raw edge applique this tree in place.  After my tweaking on it, it will take 25 sheets of paper to print out the whole tree and tape it together to get the pattern!


So here’s the strips – 2-1/2″ wide.  Now to start cutting and sewing segments together.  If I don’t get distracted – or hear my shawl calling to me – I should be able to get the strip pieced background of this done in fairly short order.

I added a couple batiks from the stash in with the ones I bought for the challenge – the ones I added are (from left to right) – the 3rd one (which is actually the background I’m using on my Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts quilt), and the 6th and 7th ones.  I’ve got one or two more blues I’m contemplating adding but we’ll see how things look as I get them up on the design wall – whether there’s the right amount of variety I want.

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