Design Wall Monday

Finally,  my attention span lengthened a bit and I was able to get things done around here. 🙂  Living room is rearranged and except for a few items on the breakfast bar that need to be put away, looks pretty good.   And after much binding stitching yesterday, a finish!  It’s in the dryer right now and will be ready to go to the ladies for the golf outing auction.  This quilt top had been languishing in the “quilt me” pile of tops so I’m glad it see it finally finished and headed off to a new home soon


   In my cleaning yesterday, I also unburied my sock knitting bag.  Pulled out the pair of socks that have been neglected there last night.   This one (second sock) only had most of the leg done.  So last night I added a half inch or so of leg and then got the heel turned so I’m well on my way down the foot now.  Course there’s that pin stitch marker — someone dropped a stitch!!!   Oh well, I’ll take care of that later

Haven’t decided what today will hold…. but I think I late breakfast/brunch which in some fashion includes some cornmeal muffins – I’ve been really hungry for them – but need to go make sure I’ve got all the ingredients.  And then I think I’ll see if I can find some binding to add to a table runner that’s quilted.    It’s a gray, looks like it could rain any minute, kind of day but we’ve had two lovely days of sunshine and warm temps so I’m not complaining.  Sounds like a good day to spend knitting or sewing.



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