Attention span of a Gnat…….

That’s what I seem to have today (tho gnats are a bit more persistent in things than I’m being).  My plan was to rearrange the living room today – move my favorite chair to a spot not directly under the air conditioning vent since one of these days I just might have to use it (the air, not the chair),  put all the quilting and knitting stuff that had gotten dragged into that room back in their places.  Get rid of that layer of dust on the tv and tv stand and the various clutter.  Have I accomplished that … well a little bit of the clutter is gone.

Instead I got sidetracked when I looked out the window and decided my garden plants needed watering.  The garden plots were allegedly going to be ready to plant yesterday.  Well, I did see that the two foot high weeds that were growing in them were gone yesterday when I came home but they have not been tilled up yet.  I was really hoping to get my plans in the ground this weekend but it looks like that won’t happen.  They dry out so fast when in those little nursery pots.  So watering done, I decided to move the birdfeeder to its summer location, pulled a couple of outdoor decorative things out of the laundry room and took my favorite pottery pots back out to the patio, find the patio chair cushions.  Not in the mood to pot any plants yet so came in to get back to that living room project.

So next picked up a stack of magazines that had slid of a shelf.  Started flipping thru to see if there were any I wanted to toss.  But heck, that bit of side tracking has led to this giveaway…..

I recently received two advanced copies of the July/Aug McCall’s Quilting magazine.  Hmmm… I don’t have a quilt pattern coming out in that issue so I emailed Quiltmaker that I think the wrong magazine was sent to me.  So, they sent me two copies of the July/August issue of Quiltmaker.  Hmmm… no quilt of mine in there either! LOL  (I think I really do have a pattern in the Sept/Oct issue of Quiltmaker tho!).  So not really sure how I got on the wrong list for mailing out advance copies to but this is all to your benefit!    I’ll be doing some random drawings for the two issues of McCall’s Quilting, the two Quiltmaker issues, and as I was cleaning out that pile of magazines, I also found two extra issues of Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2011 which has my Boxes and Bows design on the front cover, along with one extra copy of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Winter 2011 Vol.4 (which is where one of my Dog Pound dogs debuted as “Balancing Act”) and Quiltmaker 100 Blocks, Summer 2014 Vol. 9 — the latest issue that came out last month that has my Should’a Flown South design in it

For giveaway entry, just leave a comment on this blog post  telling me your general thoughts on this idea — I’m contemplating doing a Row by Row design for a Block of the Month type  Project for next year (yes, always planning ahead here).  If you were to be enticed into joining in to make the project – what would draw you to it.  Meaning, in your perfect world, would it be pieced, appliqued, paperpieced, a bit of all of the above.  Would it be just a great collection of various rows of blocks that look good together or would it be based on some sort of theme, and if so, what theme.

20140524_7Two additional items: (1) you must live in the United States (sorry out of country dwellers but postage to mail a magazine out of the US is more expensive than the magazine itself) and (2) only one entry PER PERSON NOT per every email address you have please.

I’ll post the winners next Saturday so be sure to check back on that blog post to see if you’ve won.  It will be “first come, first serve” as to which magazine you get so if there’s one you really want, you’ll need to be quick on the draw. LOL  After I announce the winners, they will need to email me PRIVATELY (remember my email address can always be found below my picture at the top of the blog) providing their complete mailing address and give me their order for preference of magazine.


Now, seriously, I’m going back to cleaning the living room….. I think…..


54 comments on “Attention span of a Gnat…….

  1. I would love a row by row – preferably with a mix of techniques. That gives me a challenge to master different things but still keeps it manageable. As far as a theme? How about seasons – think pumpkins for fall; sox, hats, or snowflakes for winter, etc. And you can always add fun strips in between. Thank you so much for doing these. I don’t always make them (work does get in the way) but I do follow along and dream…

  2. I like the above idea of a summer theme. Piecing and applique are my prefence. Paper piecing just doesn’t happen much in my sewing room

  3. I’ve been thinking about doing a row by row for several months and think pieced or paper pieced would be fun. Although I’m not totally opposed to some applique either! I’m thinking seasonal, botanical, nature themed… lots of green with blue sky background and colorful splashes. I don’t want much, do I??

  4. I would love to see a quilt with a little bit of everything…both in type of quilt piecing as well as design theme. I must say I do love seasonal quilts and sampler quilts.

  5. I’d like to see a big center flower applique with pieced blocks around. And maybe you could use some of applique in the outside borders or corners.

  6. I have never done a row by row but it sounds very interesting. I like the sound of either pieced or paper pieced not much on applique unless I can do it easily by machine. I think either something for the holidays or summer would be great.

  7. I think a combination of all the techniques is a great idea for a QAL! Row by row is great!

  8. Row by Row sounds like fun. I like applique since it’s a portable project and often has more interesting blocks – I’m getting tired of traditional pieced blocks. I would like a theme, but am not particular which theme – summer fun.

  9. I think a calendar quilt is a good idea with some aplique and patchwork will be something different.

  10. Wow, I have read all the comments and each one sounds like fun….I love to sign up for giveaways but never win……I have totally enjoyed the Dog Pound series…I still have to fix the backing on them and quilt (which if I do them like I want, it will cost me over a $100 to get it done)…So I guess I won’t do it….My funds are limited for quilting…I would love to see ideas on flowers (tulips) as I have the Accuquilt Go tulip cutter…..I was going to use scrappy tulips with “quilt as you go” type of ?? placemats, table center piece, pot holders, etc….
    It sound like fun what ever you decide for us!!

  11. A theme based row by row would be great — possibly seasonal. Would love any question you design.

  12. I love variety. I like the idea of a monthly theme. I also want to use my stash. Staying on track is difficult for me as other chores/duties/wants call my name.

  13. I like paper piecing. I learned to paper piece on Judy Niemeyer’s patterns and found I really like them. But am sure anything we do will be fun. The pound pals have been really fun

  14. “Attention span of a gnat” What a great way to put it, glad I’m not the only one who has those days! I could go for a row-by-row quilt of mixed techniques, a little of everything!

  15. I love the idea of a row by row quilt. I prefer pieced–I’ve not attempted paper piecing yet, and I’m not great at applique. I think a theme would be fun–garden, summer, fall, flowers–all would be fun!

  16. Our quilt quild did a row by row last year and it was a big hit! So, this year, we are doing another one, except this one will be vertical rows! I love them!

  17. I love the way your sense of humor comes through in your designs. Someone suggested the garden as a theme and I think it would be fun to see the garden month by month through your eyes; Watch the transformation row by row. It would come alive with different techniques and be a great way to stretch our abilities! I can’t wait to see what you create! Thank you!

  18. I’d love to do a row by row – in pieced & appliques – because I really don’t do paperpiecing. I’m thinking something with a winter theme so it could go past Christmas.

  19. I have never made a row quilt before, but no time like the present to try one. Since I don’t care for applique and paper piecing is time consuming, I hope it will be pieced, so I can use it for a Quilt of Valor for our Veterans.

  20. I would like a row by row, maybe a Christmas theme. That way it would lead up to a finish in November for Christmas snuggling or sharing.

  21. I love row by row quilts and having both traditional pieced blocks and appliqué would be fun.

  22. I guess one thing that would draw me to a row by row quilt would be the fact that you had designed it. As someone else suggested, a summer theme would be fun.

  23. A mixed bag of quilt techniques in a row by row quilt would be a lot of fun and a good learning experience. Something scrappy or something with controlled colors would both be fun to experiment with.

  24. I love row by rows, and I like piecing and applique. Flowers and birds are my favorite themes. Thanks for the fun! And congratulations on having your pattern published!

  25. I do follow you with your emails, and I think a little of all kinds of rows would be pelasing to the eye and do something different for once, how about a bucket list-LOL…..and of course I run to sign up for way far too many magazines to subscribe too, cause of you wonderful designers

  26. A row-by-row quilt sounds like fun. In my perfect world it would have some of it all. A great collection of what you do best.

  27. I like the ideal of a row quilt. Christmas would be my preference. I would like any of your ideals.

  28. I would like pieced and applique together. I participated in the NYS Row by Row and it was a lot of fun.

  29. I too am easily sidetracked. Anything that would be good for a beginner would be lure me in to joining along.

  30. I love row by rows. The ones with a theme come out the best . Possible themes the garden, the seasons, or just a color combo with all sorts of peiced blocks in different sizes

  31. Row by row quilt sounds great — could be a garden with flowers, vegetables,
    birds, butterflies and bugs. Whatever you select — I will be happy to join in.

  32. i love row quilts and have done 2 of them now. One was a BOM and there was no real theme except for fabric choices by participants. I did another last year and it did have a theme. I think any seasonal them would be fun.

  33. Row by Row, sounds like fun–how about pieced with a wee bit of applique for interest? I’d love a copy of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Winter 2011 Vol.4!! thanks for chance.

  34. I am currently doing a row a month quilt for my quilting group. We were given a lot of fabric, kits, and notions recently. It is fun seeing each row come together. I think a Noah’s ark theme would be interesting. It could include a lot of different techniques.

  35. I like pieced blocks. Won’t touch it if it has paper piecing. Love looking in quilting magazines so a nice give away.

  36. I have the attention span of an gnat also. However I have gotten a lot of outside work done. Just in time too as it is raining. I am so thankful for every drop here were we are in a serious drought.
    Thanks for the chance to win a magazine.
    I also share duplicates with my friends.

  37. At times I have the attention span of a gnat as well, so I can certainly relate! I love the idea of a row by row quilt as I have not done one yet. I would enjoy having the chance to work with all techniques; however, I don’t really have a specific theme to suggest. I’ll have to defer to those who are a bit more creative than I. 🙂

  38. Row by row sounds great. All of your previous patterns have been great, know you will come up with something good. I do prefer piecing however. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. I have never done a row by row but it does sound like fun! I am not an applique fan but if it was simple (or could be done another way as an alternative) I would be game. A theme might make fabric selection easier. I don’t really have any theme suggestions though.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Marie Sagers

  40. I’m easily enticed, but would prefer pieced–maybe a calendar theme–12 rows each with a monthly theme.

  41. Karens’ comment is my exact preference also. I am really trying to use as much of my scrap stash as possible and that would be a great way!!

  42. I can so relate to the attention span of a gnat! sigh….I think all of the techniques together would be grand with a theme of stars…and the more color the better!! 🙂

  43. What would “draw” me to the row by row quilt? Silly question! Hehe! A little bit of every method would be fun. How about a summer theme? Watermelon, campfire, firecrackers, flowers, trees, swimming, beach umbrellas……. Not that I’m pushy, you understand, VBG!

  44. I love the idea of a row by row quilt along, and my preference would be pieced blocks. Traditional blocks in repetition would be great — flying geese, 9-patch, pinwheels, various stars would be fun and a great way to play with color and pattern.

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