The Garden Center

I don’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that the garden center was just not enticing me the way it usually does with it’s flowers.  I have bunches of empty flowerpots — I came back with only a few things to put in them.

20140517_3This box has all the “pretty” stuff I it.  Lots of fall colored coleus – several with really odd shaped leaves – all in sort of orangey, burgundy, fallish colors.  They will all go in one big pot by my door on the patio.  It’s totally shaded there and there’s not much else that will grow there that I like.

The green on the left side are some tall growing “English cottage style” flowers I would call them since I can’t remember that the names of those two were.   Those will probably go in pots at the edge of the decorative rock area along the edge of the building.  They will get some sun there.

But as for blooming pretty flowers — just nothing that really said “buy me.”  I think I’ll have to go over to the farmer’s market on Wednesday and see what I might find there.


My little garden plot at the apartment complex (which is currently full of foot tall weeds) is supposed to be tilled up and ready to go by next weekend.


So this box is my garden.  You know in all my knitting and quilting I like lots of color.  That’s the way my garden will be too. 🙂


20140517_5I know very little about various varieties, what their characteristics are etc.  other than what I read on the little plastic information pick in the little pots.  So I use that tried and true method — pick by the name I like or in this year’s case — lots of different colors.  LOL  If they grow I’m estatic – if not, well that’s just the way it goes.

So with that highly scientific method in mind, I have one red tomato (which I think was a beefsteak), one purple tomato, one yellow  tomato.   I have green bell peppers, yellow peppers that will ripen to red, and if I remember right there is a purple pepper in there that has a very black pepper taste to it — I planted those once before and they are great on salads.  There’s also some red onions, a cucumber plant and some dill.  I forgot to pick up lettuce seeds so need to do that yet.

I’m thinking I may put the cucumber in one big pot and leave it at the edge of my garden plot where it can grow up the fence they put around it and I may also put the dill in a pot to contain it since I remember how it would sprout itself all over my Mom and Dad’s garden — it spread like crazy.

If it ever gets warm enough, I may be able to plant them — there was a frost warning last night.   Hopefully by the time the garden is ready next weekend I won’t have to worry about frost.  In the meantime, I’m not going to pot the flower pots just yet either.  That way, I can easily grab the boxes and bring them inside if the temps decide to take a nosedive.

And next to the garden center  – yep we stopped at the bakery and it was buy one bread get one free.  These smell so good.


There’s much cleaning to do around here so I’d better get busy.




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    • I’d have to say no since I have no idea what you are talking about re competing. If your referring to the fact that Judy has huge and many gardens and I’m talking about planting my little 6 x 8 ft (maybe that big) garden plot at the apartment as some sort of competition – clearly we know who would win. And no – there will never be chickens — because they are not something I want and because landlords tend to frown on things like that. When they say pet friendly building – I don’t think they had chickens in mind.

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