No I didn’t find rats in those two cases but nothing too exciting either.

I thought the smaller one was full of civil war repros and the other one I couldn’t remember what it held.  I knew there was also a bunch of Halloween prints in one of them.

I opened the larger one – that’s where the civil war repros and Halloween fabric were. – Luckily the suitcase was not jam-packed but there was still more than I thought.  The civil war repros got stacked in a milk crate until I finish the project I need them for and then they are out of here.


The Halloween fabrics I dumped in the washer – they had so many wrinkles in them they would have never pressed out.  I love Halloween fabrics and recently set aside some of my Halloween swap blocks I wanted to set together so I’ll have freshly laundered fabrics.

As soon as I opened up the larger suitcase I remembered what was stored in the smaller one  and why I haven’t opened it in a very long time….



20140510_4Scraps!  And since I don’t do scrap quilting – I haven’t dug in it in ages.

However – one of these days I’ll dig through it because I see golf ball and golf tee fabric on top – I knew there was some left from prior golf auction quilts.

I’ll give it a going over to see if there’s anything I need to keep in there or not.  I sometimes keep smaller pieces (to me “smaller is like about a fat eight”) pieces of tone on tones for applique and I usually keep smaller pieces of batiks but not much else.  It will be interesting to see what I find in here.

But gosh I can’t believe it’s 8:00 p.m.! — and that explains why I’m starving – no one has made dinner here!

But before I go get a smoothie going, here’s my progress so far.


This is the center of the closet, when both closet doors are fully open you see about a foot of space to each side of that shelving unit but the closets extend well back beyond the open doors.  The stuff on the top shelf (bag – which I think also has scraps), lamp etc haven’t been dealt with yet.  But the shelves were stocked to the top of each and at the moment I have open ones so that’s good.  One shelf will be a place to put the VHS tapes since I can only watch those in the sewing room so I need to go pull the rest out from the shelves of the  living room tv stand.




To the right of the center shelves, quilt tops on hangers, knit blocking mats above, boxes of Christmas ornaments on the shelf.  Below the quilts was where the big Christmas tree box was so I’ve definitely gains some floor space to put something.


And to the left of the center shelves, first row of tubs is yarn, second row of tubs are more quilt tops, swap blocks and other partially completed  quilting things and packages of batting.   On shelf above the civil war repros, a layered quilt that has been layered for years but I don’t really feel like it as is which is why I haven’t finished it so it may finally hit the donation pile (after I pull my safety pins out of it).

Course the rest of my sewing room still looks scary with little piles of this here and there that I need to organize but I’m done for tonight.

I hope to have another dog blog appliqued to show you tomorrow.



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  1. Your closet looks so nice! I always worry that I will never be found again when I go closet diving!

    • Well, I’ve held off the fear of getting lost in there for a while longer now that I have it cleared out — but it usually doesn’t stay that way long. LOL

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