Mystery bags

I finally decided to clean out the sewing room closet (since I had pulled out all the tubs of quilts tops and swap blocks and other WIP when I was searching for some binding I thought I had made).  This of course means I’ve wrecked the whole sewing room again (well not all but it’s a bit tricky to walk around in) with all the stuff I  pulled out so I could vacuum the carpet, woodwork, dusty cobwebs in the upper corners of the closet.

Since I was able to store more stuff under my bed with the addition of the new bed risers, that has cleared up storage areas in other places so the huge tub that holds my x-mas tree no longer needs to stay in the sewing room closet.  More room for other things!

Out of the back of the sewing room closet I pulled these…

20140510_2  I had to laugh at those airline stickers still on the large suitcase — the orange one warns it is “heavy”.  That’s an understatement –that stick was put on the last time I took a quilty vacation with friends to a cabin in Arkansas (2009 I think) and 40 yards of fabric was added to that suitcase for the trip home. LOL  Oh yes, it was definitely heavy and cost me extra money to bring home.

Now I know the blue case has fabric in it — it has been in there since I moved to this apartment – 6, 7, 8 years ago – I can’t remember off the top of my head but clearly I have not missed having it on the shelves.  Actually, I know that’s where the civil war reproduction fabrics are and I’m sort of “over” those.   Not into the dark mucky look any more.  I do have one scrappy quilt in progress that I need some of those for to add borders to yet.  I should just pull that one out and get the borders on it.  I may also piece some of the leftovers together for a backing for that quilt  but after that I think they may  go in the donation bag and out of my sewing room.

The other suitcase – I’m the teensiest bit afraid to open.  It could have clothes stored in it which I’ve forgotten about – like off season sweaters etc, and at one time I had extra quilts/blankets stored in it.  I don’t remember what is currently in there – I’m just hoping it’s not full of fabric too! 🙂   Oh well… time for a soda and then to do some investigating into what these things hold.  I’d really like to get the closet put back in order and all the other clutter put away today but its 4:15 and I’m losing interest……we’ll see……..




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  1. What, just like that you leave us hanging??? How can you do that, I need to know what is in that suitcase! Soothes my guilty conscious about what I have because I aspire to a stash like yours!

  2. Do we ever just stop cleaning out? We moved and I’ve been at it for two years. It ever ends and, yes, sometimes you just let it go. Then there are the pieces that make you wonder what you were thinking when you bought them. I ‘ve found lots of those, but the joy comes when someone loves it and takes it happily.

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    • As more is accumulated – other stuff must be cleaned out – that’s for sure. But I did get rid of the “what was I thinking” fabrics among the 8 or 9 garbage bags of fabrics and scraps that never made the move to this apartment years ago so I don’t really have any of that category.

  3. Good luck with the unveiling – or would it be opening(?). I hope it’s something you really like. Civil war fabric? Not my cup of tea either.
    Love the Anne of Green Gables movies too but I haven’t seen them in a while. My eldest daughter has all of L. M. Montgomery’s novels. It was because of this fascination that our family went to visit Green Gables on PEI way back in 1989.

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