Camp Loopy Project 1 – What Movie was it???

Okay – if you read my previous Camp Loopy 1 post I gave three clues (albeit not really good clues but I didn’t want to make it easy) for you go try to guess what movie trilogy is my all time favorite which I will be basing my first Camp project on..  No one guessed the correct movie so if you left a comment on my prior post here and met the other criteria of the giveaway rules, you were included in the random draw for a winner.

So to recap – for the first  Camp Loopy project you need to knit something that reminds you of your favorite book, movie or tv show and you get to interpret “how” it relates to that book,  movie or tv show — whether it’s based on a character, scenes, colors, names – open to so many possibilities.    You also need to use at least 400 yards of yarn.  And the first projected is started and finished in June.

Go to Sheri’s blog for the complete list of all rules/procedures/how it works info – it’s not too late to decide to come to Camp since we don’t start until June 1 and Camp 20% discount week runs another couple of days (or knit from your stash and just join in the fun – again all the info on the options to participate are on Sheri’s blog) and see what fun drawings or prizes you could win/earn.

So back to those three clues:

  •    Clue 1:    there are three movies total to the series  — Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables, The Sequel (aka Anne of Avonlea on my old vhs tapes) and Anne of Green Gables, The Continuing Story.

  •    Clue 2:  the movie was adapted from a book(s) (there are many books to the series but I’ve never read a one of them – I may have to do that one of these days)

  •     Clue 3:   I was in my mid 20s when I saw the first movie.  (first movie came out in 1985 – I was 25)

20140510_1 All  three movies with Megan Follows and Colleen Dewhurst.  I’ve seen other versions with other actors but no – those just aren’t right for me.   These actors, the music (wonderful) , the scenery, the story line – I love it all.  The third VHS tape is here somewhere but that was taped off the tv, not purchased.    However, I just ordered a new box set of DVDs – it’s one of those movies (and there are very few of them) that I will watch over and over – a favorite to pop in as I’m knitting or sewing and since the VCR only works on the old tv in my sewing room, and since I planned to do a bit of straightening up in the sewing room while I wait for something else I ordered to be delivered later this afternoon so I can finish my current quilting project, I just might have to pop these in as I clean since I haven’t watched them in quite a while.

Now finally on to the drawing winner…… Oh no wait LOL I forgot to tell you what I’ll be knitting based on these movies.  Marilla Cuthbert (Colleen Dewhurst) and her brother Matthew live very simple lives without lots of frills.  So I’m knitting a very simple shawl of the type Marilla would approve of – no frills – just some simple texture and very useful and utilitarian.  So I’ll be making this shawl.   I thought about making it green but seriously I’ve made several green things lately and tho it’s my favorite color – I need to do something else.  Marilla would make it in some very neutral brown, tan, black or grey in a sturdy wool that would go with everything and not a frivolous color.  But as my nod to Matthew, who liked to buy a few frivolous (pretty) things for Anne much to Marilla’s exasperation, I think he would choose this Wisteria yarn with a bit of silk and cashmere – as Anne grows up her hair turns from “carrot” red to a “nice auburn” and I think the color would have looked lovely on her.

So now the winner….yes… finally — there were only 7 guesses (pretty good odds for those ladies) and random generator picked #1 so the winner is Mel Meister.   Congrats Mel! Please email your mailing address (my email is under my photo in the blog sidebar).


3 comments on “Camp Loopy Project 1 – What Movie was it???

  1. Those were wonderful movies and the books were wonderful too. I’ve read them all a couple of times. My girls even loved these movies. They were both kids when these first came on PBS. Terrific choice and I would not have guessed right either.

  2. Love, love, love the Green Gables movies…and the books are just as good or better! 🙂 Great shawl pattern and beautiful yarn. I think you should be rewarded with a part in the movie!! LOL!

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