Camp Loopy 2014

Yeah – Camp Loopy  time is nearly upon us (or me, at least).  If you knit (or crochet) I suggest you join in cause it is such fun!  You can see all the info on  Sheri’s blog post on Camp Loopy Glamping for this year – no tents, no treehouses, no cabins this year but retro campers instead.  She comes up with such fun ideas for the virtual camp.

It’s currently camp shopping week and I am all set.  I’ve ordered my camp t-shirt with this year’s “glamping” logo on it, I’ve ordered my camp “mason jar” logo’d drinking glass – must keep hydrated while sitting near the bonfire knitting right? Even if it is a virtual bonfire.

The first project is at least 400 yards and you pick your project based on your favorite book, tv show or movie – pertaining to a scene, character…. lots of ways to interpret the theme of this project so check out all the rules and join in.  You can even knit from your stash if you want in order to play along (again check the rules), but you can also get a discount on your yarn during camp shopping week so why knit from the stash. 🙂

It was super easy to figure out my most favorite movie ever which I have loved ever since I first saw it, and I knew the type of project I wanted to make, but it took a bit of Ravelry searching to find exactly what I had in mind.  But I found the absolute perfect thing.

So heck – let’s have a giveaway of one of the  blank Crafty Ideas Notebooks show in the photo in honor of Camp Loopy coming soon  – since the notebook has my knitting themed BOM project, From Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts”  shown on the front, it’s a perfect place to keep your knitting or crocheting notes, lists of way too much yarn you have purchased at The Loopy Ewe,   or yarns you want to purchase  ideas for gifts you need to make, etc.

20140301_6So to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post (one comment only per person) as to what you think my favorite movie might be.  I will give a few hints – which may help but will likely merely serve to confuse –

  •    Clue 1:    there are three movies total to the series

  •    Clue 2:  the movie was adapted from a book(s)

  •     Clue 3:   I was in my mid 20s when I saw the first movie.

  •     (I still have them on vhs – I really need to replace them with DVDs) LOL

   The names of all who guess correctly, will be put in the hat for a random pick; if no one guesses correctly, a random drawing will be held of all entries.

 Unfortunately (for anyone not in the United States) you must live in the United States to be eligible for this particular drawing.  I’ve discovered it costs twice the cost of the notebook simply to mail it outside the US, plus an hour of my time to walk over to the post office and stand in line on my lunch hour – their busiest time of course –  which is just silly to pay that much in postage for a couple dollar book to start out with.   I’ll pick a winner sometime on Saturday.   Winner selected 5/10/14.  If you leave a comment and it doesn’t show up, that probably means you’ve never commented on my blog before so it’s held in moderation until I approve it.


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  2. I’m going to guess the Jason Bourne series….Seems about the right time frame (cuz I think we are about the same age) and certainly adapted from books 🙂

    • Let’s see – your guess fits the first Clue given — it is a trilogy; Fits the second clue – the movies were adapted from the books but that’s also when you guess hits a wall. LOL I’ve never seen the movies. I did read the books and liked them but the character I had in my mind while reading the books was definitely not Matt Damon so I never saw the movies because I knew that would bug me – not a fan of his. And as to the third Clue — the first movie of the trilogy came out in 2002 — I was most definitely NOT in my mid ’20s in 2002. ROLOL

  3. LOL – I have a sneaking suspicion everyone’s name may be going in the hat to pick a random number – and yes I realize the clues are rather vague but didn’t want to make it easy. 😉

    • While definitely a trilogy based on books – I was definitely not in my 20s when those were released. LOL (plus, just a side of my personal opinion (which Ebert and Roeper never asked me about) 🙂 in my mind if you don’t include the The Hobbit – which makes it more than a trilogy set – your missing a very important part of the story that started it all.)

  4. Based on my own age when I saw the first of the series I’d say maybe The Godfather… the part that’s tripping me up is ‘based on a book(s). I guess I’ll stick with that.

  5. Iam thinking Back to the Future. I was just thinking of watching them again myself.

  6. Star Wars. live in Canada, but have US address. Marion Usborne

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