And then there were three… DPPAS

I’m making progress —  three DPPAS blocks are now complete.

This one is Princess.

20140504_4  So DPPAS participants – how are you coming on your blocks.  Are you caught up through April?  Fallen behind a month or more?  Haven’t started yet? I think I already approved some photos  of the May blocks of people who had worked ahead or are really speedy.


I’ve now got three of  eight  completed and I have pieces ready to stitch on two more.

And if you’ve fallen behind – on either DPPAS or Knitter’s Gifts BOM –  there will be a bit of a reprieve coming up – in July both projects will be on “summer break” for a month – no new block(s) to complete that month so if you have fallen behind, you have a chance to catch up before we move forward on those projects.


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    • Thanks for stopping by Angie. It’s a mutual admiration society 🙂 I love popping over to see all your latest designs. You are prolific with your EQ designs and they are all so fun.

  1. I was able to pull fabrics tonight for May after I got home from work. I hope to get them marked and pinned out over the next 2 days off. Princess is great: she is definitely a puffball!

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