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Well a stop at the quilt shop, Stitcher’s Crossing, did result in finding a light neutral Hoffman Fabric batik to use for my background for a new version of Dog Pound Pals.  While I really like the crazy bright batik dogs that some of the DPPAS participants have used, this batik version I actually want to hang on my living room wall so I think mine will be a bit more subdued in color but all batiks nonetheless.  Plus I’m already working on one really bright  batik quilt – The Knitter’s Gifts – so want something a bit different from that one.  My plaid background Dog pound blocks that are done (all two of them so far)  will either get finished later or just might end up in a new baby quilt.  I’m waiting to see if a friend has a boy or girl – if it’s a boy, he may get dogs and that plaid would be so cute for a baby quilt.

Why the bright golf tees?  Well I couldn’t pass it up.  I may have to make another little wallhanging for the Women’s Golf outing fund raiser — or if I run out of time – highly possible most likely scenario is it will go in the stash for a project for them for next year.  You just need to grab a bit of those special themed type of prints when they are available since it seems you can never find them when you really want them.  So a bit of that is added to the stash.

And then I also found one of those themed sort of fabrics I couldn’t pass up.   Okay confession time – I have a weird obsession with Alice in Wonderland  –  ever since I did a wallhanging for a challenge/donation project, I’ve wanted to make a larger quilt, sort of sampler style with various sized blocks, all on the Alice in Wonderland theme.   I’ve drawn off and on a couple additional blocks for “All Things Alice” (as I currently refer to that project).  (Oh and just so you know – the obsession extends to Alice in Wonderland movies too — do you know how many different versions of that story have been made into movies!  Well I don’t either but

20140503_3  ……. I own just a few.  And actually, I’ve given a couple others away to friends with children so I used to have more.  I can safely say the two BBC versions are weirder than most – well the Tim Burton version is weird too and extends a bit beyond the “well known” story theme but I like it. 🙂

Anyway – eventually some day I may get all the Alice quilt drawn out — it will use parts of this, which was my Tea With Alice wallhanging



That’s the best photo I have of it – before the days I had a digital camera – but the talking flowers all have faces, the doormouse in the teapot, caterpillar on the toadstool, pocket watch, teacup, mad hatter’s hat, etc. and Alice bending down to take the lid off the teapot.  Plus I had hand dyed many of the fabrics in it myself. And then there’s this guy



my “painting the roses red” prototype.   I do still have some of the card fabric I made his body out of but I found this today (which is what started his whole Alice in Wonderland obsession confession)

20140503_6 20140503_4  I just love the graphics on this one – the face cards (no pun intended) 🙂 are lovely and I like the way the other cards are printed – just a bit different shape to the clubs and diamonds motifs.  So yes, some of this came home from the quilt shop too.

I think I may need to pin my drawings up on the design wall and see where I’m at and maybe that will get me going on the rest of the blocks. Or perhaps an afternoon of watching Alice movies and cutting out Dog Pound blocks will get me motivated to decide what other kinds of blocks I want to add to that design

Okay enough rambling — there’s a few chores awaiting before I can get to any sewing or knitting.




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  1. Hey hello: First off I must say I love reading your emails. You have a great sense of humour and you tell things as you see them. Very creative with your knitting and quilting. I do regret not signing up for your dog pound series. I will not make that mistake again when you do a series. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us out in computer world. In your post about the material you bought at Stitcher’s Crossing, would you please let me know who it is made by. I would like to buy some and I will order it from Stitcher’s Crossing because in Onntario, Canada we don’t have awesome material such as that piece. I am quite jealous when I see some of the fabric you buy such as the golf pegs. Also up here we have very limited baby material. It is the Snow Birds who come back with the best pieces of fabric.Thank you.Debbie Gibson

    Date: Sat, 3 May 2014 18:09:21 +0000 To: drgibson@hotmail.ca

  2. Any chance there’s a picture of what you did for the golf league before? I’m still working on plans for a golf quilt. …. I wish I could find that light batik you found!

    • The quilts for the golf auctions have been all kinds – One or two in the past have been on a golf theme but since the event is a fundraiser for the Komen fund they are usually “pink” quilts.

      • I’d love to see one of the ones with golf fabric, even if it has a pink theme. About what size quilts do you make for donations of this sort?

      • It’s an auction fundraiser so basically whatever size I want to give them goes. I give them several items and every year is a bit different. I’ve made things from table runner / wallhanging up to queen size quilt and every size in between. I don’t think I’ve got a photo uploaded yet on either the donation quilts tab on my blog or the separate blog where I’m collecting all my quilt photos. It was just a panel of Loralie design golf ladies that I cut the rectangles apart for each section and added frames around them of other golf fabrics.

  3. What fun fabrics. I embroidered a redwork Alice set of blocks – I’ll have to try to remember where they are! Love that batik you chose for the background.

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