DPPAS – May update

jowles   After a week of nothing but rain rain and more rain the entire week — today we have sunshine!!  Don’t know how long it will last, but it’s nice to see.  The leaves on the trees have been waiting to pop out and I suspect all those teeny tiny buds will do so this weekend.

Today is the first  Saturday of the month so that means it’s time for the next two DPPAS blocks for those who joined this group.   This month, Jowles and Princess (yes, you can probably figure out who is which one). 🙂  And DPPAS members — time for another giveaway drawing!  I did the random number generator thing and then counted just each block of the DPPAS project that are in the Flickr group.  Did you know there are about 75 DPPAS blocks posted – so much fun to look at.  But considering the number of people who signed up for this project, there are a whole lot more who (1) don’t own a camera or cell phone or other necessary implement in order to share your photos with us or (2) you have fallen behind and don’t have blocks to share (I’m way behind!) or (3) you are simply holding out on us and aren’t sharing your photos! Stop that!  🙂  We want to see what you’re working on and if you want a chance to win your own version of the large or small fun calendar for 2015.

calendar small

   Anyway if you have not yet checked out the photos – so fun to see all the fabric combinations.

Now, first, if you have already won a large or small calendar, and I’ve picked you again, I’m afraid you can only win one calendar and I’ll have to pick a new winner so please let me know if that is the case.  The names most people use for their Flickr photostream that shows up with their photos is not something I would recognize and be able to connect to their email address with my past winners list, so I can’t always tell if it’s someone who as won before.  So on to the winners ….  would the makers of the two blocks shown, today’s winners, please email me privately with their complete mailing address (my email is below my photo on the blog sidebar) or to let me know they have already won and I will draw again  maywinnermay2   and even the same dog block – Weaver – was picked.

I hope to get some stitching of some kind done today.  I am seriously thinking of restarting my blocks in batiks – I am oh so coveting the blocks of those who have used them — and keeping he lonely two little blocks I’ve already made with the plaid to make a somewhat smaller project later (not all the dogs) for a dog rescue fundraiser.  Hmmm will have to buy background fabric if I change gears now but then a friend just called to go out for breakfast and we could swing by the quilt shop………….. hmmmmmmm