Magazine Giveaway / Auction quilts

20140524_letteredOkay – remember last week’s giveaway offer of some magazines I was sent in error, and some duplicates I found of a couple 100 Blocks issues and the Quiltmaker Boxes and Bows issue which I had extra advance copies of ? Time to announce the winners.

Remember, it will be “first come, first serve” as to which magazine you end up with.  I have assigned a letter to each one  as you can see in the photo at left so when you send me your PRIVATE email with your full name, and mailing address, include the letters A B C D E in your email in the order of preference of magazine from first choice to last (remember my email address can always be found below my picture at the top of the blog).

Winners are:

Judy D in WA, Paula Cox, Judy in OKC, Barbara Winkler, Fran Cummings, Judy S, Dorothy Munger, and Marie Sagers.

Congratulations ladies.


It’s a lovely day outside here today.  I was outside before  7 a.m.  planting my little garden plot – three different types of bell peppers, five tomato plants, a row of red onions, and a cucumber plant.   Then I planted some dill in a pot and an extra tomato in another  and a pot of flowers that need sun – hopefully they’ll all  get enough sun sitting at one corner of the building where I put them at the edge of my patio.  Also two pots of various coleus for next to my door in the shade.    I still want to get a hanging basket for my patio and maybe flowers for another pot or two and I forgot to pick up lettuce seeds so may add some lettuce later.  But got the garden in before the rains that are possible nearly every day all this coming week and I didn’t want to have to be planting in a muddy garden!

Someone (yes I know I’m the only likely suspect) cluttered up my sewing table so I need to get things put away before it gets too out of hand.  There’s my Camp Loopy quilting project I’ll need to be working on next week. so I think a bit of cleaning is in order today.

My quilts are all finished for the Golf Outing Auction to benefit the Komen Fund.  These projects are all headed to the auction.

20140526_2 Image1 Image5




On the Needles Friday May 30, 2014

Image6  I’ve been knitting along on my summer short sleeved CustomFit sweater this past week while waiting for Camp Loopy to start on Sunday.

I got a good bit done – about half of this was knit this week.  It’s the back and other than seed stitch edge – it’s all stockinette stitch so definitely easy going.  I still keep changing my mind about what stitch pattern will go in a panel up the front but I have time to figure that out.

I’m going to have to get out the calculator this weekend.  I still haven’t added in the yarn I showed of my last purchase to my “yarn in yardage total” on my Knit the Stash totals (okay even I have to laugh when I type “knit the stash” because I’m clearly failing). 😉  But I will need to also add in this….

Image9Aren’t those fun summery looking colors.

The Lanna Grossa Silkhair Print is so pretty and soft (mohair) and I plan to use it to make Light As A Feather  rav_link. I’ll just have to find a second yarn to go with it but I know I definitely can find that in the stash.  It looks like such a great little wrap and much easier to wear than many shawls that I never really know how to wrap them around my shoulders and pin in place so they don’t come loose or bug me while I’m trying to work.  Made with the mohair and another yarn, the wrap should be soft and light but cozy warm around the neck.  Since I was ordering that yarn, and it’s from the same shop that carries some German self-striping sock yarns I like, On Line, and since it was flat rate shipping, the other three came along for the ride.

We won’t even mention that I was also able to snag some Wollmeise again from The Loopy Ewe so that will be arriving on Monday.  Yes I shall need the calculator to add things up!   One good thing – it’s nearly Camp Loopy so there will be finished projects in the next three months to add into the yarn KNIT tally.

Friendship beyond measure…..


How do you say goodbye to a loved one?

Dear friend Susan passed away earlier this week but I can’t really  say goodbye to someone who holds such a special place in my heart.  Tho there is heartache at her passing, every time I think of her, I will see her smile, and hear her voice and laughter in my head, and that look she would give me when she thought I was about to do a bit of rabble rousing – or her usual greeting when we would see each other “There’s Trouble.”

Those are the things I will continue to keep in my heart and which will make me smile when I think of her – the caring, feisty, wonderful woman who I am so glad was my friend.


Design Wall Monday

Finally,  my attention span lengthened a bit and I was able to get things done around here. 🙂  Living room is rearranged and except for a few items on the breakfast bar that need to be put away, looks pretty good.   And after much binding stitching yesterday, a finish!  It’s in the dryer right now and will be ready to go to the ladies for the golf outing auction.  This quilt top had been languishing in the “quilt me” pile of tops so I’m glad it see it finally finished and headed off to a new home soon


   In my cleaning yesterday, I also unburied my sock knitting bag.  Pulled out the pair of socks that have been neglected there last night.   This one (second sock) only had most of the leg done.  So last night I added a half inch or so of leg and then got the heel turned so I’m well on my way down the foot now.  Course there’s that pin stitch marker — someone dropped a stitch!!!   Oh well, I’ll take care of that later

Haven’t decided what today will hold…. but I think I late breakfast/brunch which in some fashion includes some cornmeal muffins – I’ve been really hungry for them – but need to go make sure I’ve got all the ingredients.  And then I think I’ll see if I can find some binding to add to a table runner that’s quilted.    It’s a gray, looks like it could rain any minute, kind of day but we’ve had two lovely days of sunshine and warm temps so I’m not complaining.  Sounds like a good day to spend knitting or sewing.


Attention span of a Gnat…….

That’s what I seem to have today (tho gnats are a bit more persistent in things than I’m being).  My plan was to rearrange the living room today – move my favorite chair to a spot not directly under the air conditioning vent since one of these days I just might have to use it (the air, not the chair),  put all the quilting and knitting stuff that had gotten dragged into that room back in their places.  Get rid of that layer of dust on the tv and tv stand and the various clutter.  Have I accomplished that … well a little bit of the clutter is gone.

Instead I got sidetracked when I looked out the window and decided my garden plants needed watering.  The garden plots were allegedly going to be ready to plant yesterday.  Well, I did see that the two foot high weeds that were growing in them were gone yesterday when I came home but they have not been tilled up yet.  I was really hoping to get my plans in the ground this weekend but it looks like that won’t happen.  They dry out so fast when in those little nursery pots.  So watering done, I decided to move the birdfeeder to its summer location, pulled a couple of outdoor decorative things out of the laundry room and took my favorite pottery pots back out to the patio, find the patio chair cushions.  Not in the mood to pot any plants yet so came in to get back to that living room project.

So next picked up a stack of magazines that had slid of a shelf.  Started flipping thru to see if there were any I wanted to toss.  But heck, that bit of side tracking has led to this giveaway…..

I recently received two advanced copies of the July/Aug McCall’s Quilting magazine.  Hmmm… I don’t have a quilt pattern coming out in that issue so I emailed Quiltmaker that I think the wrong magazine was sent to me.  So, they sent me two copies of the July/August issue of Quiltmaker.  Hmmm… no quilt of mine in there either! LOL  (I think I really do have a pattern in the Sept/Oct issue of Quiltmaker tho!).  So not really sure how I got on the wrong list for mailing out advance copies to but this is all to your benefit!    I’ll be doing some random drawings for the two issues of McCall’s Quilting, the two Quiltmaker issues, and as I was cleaning out that pile of magazines, I also found two extra issues of Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2011 which has my Boxes and Bows design on the front cover, along with one extra copy of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Winter 2011 Vol.4 (which is where one of my Dog Pound dogs debuted as “Balancing Act”) and Quiltmaker 100 Blocks, Summer 2014 Vol. 9 — the latest issue that came out last month that has my Should’a Flown South design in it

For giveaway entry, just leave a comment on this blog post  telling me your general thoughts on this idea — I’m contemplating doing a Row by Row design for a Block of the Month type  Project for next year (yes, always planning ahead here).  If you were to be enticed into joining in to make the project – what would draw you to it.  Meaning, in your perfect world, would it be pieced, appliqued, paperpieced, a bit of all of the above.  Would it be just a great collection of various rows of blocks that look good together or would it be based on some sort of theme, and if so, what theme.

20140524_7Two additional items: (1) you must live in the United States (sorry out of country dwellers but postage to mail a magazine out of the US is more expensive than the magazine itself) and (2) only one entry PER PERSON NOT per every email address you have please.

I’ll post the winners next Saturday so be sure to check back on that blog post to see if you’ve won.  It will be “first come, first serve” as to which magazine you get so if there’s one you really want, you’ll need to be quick on the draw. LOL  After I announce the winners, they will need to email me PRIVATELY (remember my email address can always be found below my picture at the top of the blog) providing their complete mailing address and give me their order for preference of magazine.


Now, seriously, I’m going back to cleaning the living room….. I think…..

Snow on the Lake

No – it’s not snowing again!   It does happen to be a gorgeous spring day – sun shining, warm, breezy — perfect sort of day that makes those horrid days of this past winter a mere memory — almost.   🙂 But I’ve been busy this morning in EQ drawing up my plan for my Camp Loopy fabric project.

You need to use at least 75 percent of three half yard batik pieces.  Again, here’s the fabrics I ordered.

20140521_1  The one that looks sort of like leafy branches on the right will be my outer border.  The darkest blue will be my tree silhouette, binding and get used a little bit in other places.  Along with the remaining fabrics I ordered in the photo, I know I’ve got some great blue/gray pieces in the 10″ square batik packs Hoffman Fabrics had sent me that will mix in nicely add a bit more variety to the  main base of my wall hanging.

I haven’t decided on final size yet but I’m thinking it will end up being large – right now I think it’s about 62 x 48 drawing in EQ but I haven’t decided if I’ll alter the size yet.  I just wanted to get my general plan in place so come June 1 and the start of Camp Loopy, I at least know what size to start cutting background (Lake and snow) strips.

I knew I wanted something very simple (heck I only have a month to start and finish it and I need to knit my shawl during that same time too).  So I envisioned just a strip pieced “lake with snow” using simple 45 degree angles to join sections.  And I wanted a tree silhouette – that looked like it was sort of blowing on a windy winter day.  Many  trees around the two lakes and on the Capitol Square (on the isthmus between the lakes where I work) grow a bit oddly.  I think it must have to do with the winds off the two lakes – there are some that grow curved and twisted a certain direction like they are being blown but a huge gust of wind.    It’s most obvious in the winter time when they have no leaves on them.  They just look really neat.  So I wanted a similar looking tree – bare and as if blowing in the wind.

So after a bit of drawing this morning –    I love the way my idea looks – at least in EQ- tho I need to do a bit of tweaking on the tree yet.  I could see this as a design I switch out  with the changing seasons – this one for winter, one with all kinds of fall colors for the strip piecing and maybe a few simple 3-d leaves still hanging on the branches, one in summer colors and lots of leaves on the tree, and pretty spring colors with a few bright springy green colored leaves.

But first things first – I need to start and finish this one next month.  But at least I have a plan now. 🙂





What’s NOT on the needles

I’m too lazy to go take a photo of my Wiggle Wrap because it pretty much looks the same as last week – a few more rows added.  My Quaker Yarn Stretcher – a few more rows added but that basically looks the same.  Then there’s the CustomFit Short Sleeved summer sweater in bright blue cotton blend – I picked that back up the other night and knit a few more rows but it’s the back, it’s all stockinette stitch – that’s not really very exciting to show you.  So what to show?

I find this VERY exciting!! It was waiting for me when I got home last night.

20140523_3  Eat Sleep Knit started carrying Three Irish Girls yarn this week and since they send out advance emails to their 10K members, I just had to take a peek.  I expected the usual mostly solid colors but then I spied this gorgeous Springdale DK in Luau.  I love that color combination.  Actually I better love it since I ordered all the DK they had in that color and I meant to go back and change the color of the sock yarn I had put in my cart before looking at the DK  (since I had picked Luau in sock yarn too) but forgot, so have two in sock yarn and the rest in DK except that lone one on the right – I just loved the combination – that one is sock yarn to and may be for a Christmas gift if I can talk myself out of keeping it for myself.  You just can’t go wrong with Three Irish Girls yarn — at least in my opinion. 

I’m going to have to do some playing around in CustomFit to see if I can come up with a pattern for the DK weight. I’d love to make a plain short-sleeved sweater from it but I’m not sure I have enough so it may be a sleeveless one or a tank for under a suit jacket or maybe I need to make a plain colored cardi to go over it.  Oh I really want to cast on with that yarn but even I’m not that crazy.  I have all the projects listed above in the works and Camp Loopy starts soon, plus I did swatch and generate a pattern for a bright red CustomFit sweater but haven’t started on that one yet.   And I have two quilts I need to finish this weekend hopefully because I have a Camp Loopy quilt to make too.  Sheesh!  I should have taken off work earlier today than I did!  

I need to go put that box away out of sight so it doesn’t tempt me!

Oh and I don’t think I showed these yet – they came in a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve had a hankering to get my loom out and try some kitchen towels.  I need to pull out my weaving book and do a bit of reading on towels and decide how many colors I want to use and what order I want to warp them but it will be a while before I get to them now.

20140523_4And no those cones are not getting added into my “stash added” totals.  I reserve the right to exclude yarn specifically bought for weaving! (do you know how many yarns are on one of those cones – crikey!    It’s bad enough as it is. 

I think my new plan should be to not add in the new yarn added until the end of the year and have you guess how much I have added from this point forward. LOL

I’d better get the needles moving!


It’s ….. Child’s Play….

For those of you who have been patiently, (or not so patiently since it took me a lot longer to get the files ready to send off than I had planned – like a year longer or more) waiting for my Child’s Play quilt design,  well you have to wait no more.  You can now find it at




Now I know that those of you who followed my progress on this design from drawing to actually stitching my own version of it (something I don’t always get time to do – the stitching of my own designs) are wondering….. where’s the photo of my quilt.  🙂



Capture2Well, no, this isn’t it – -it’s a EQ7 generated version.

My quilt is still in the “layer me already and get me quilted, woman!!” pile.  (Don’t you have a pile like that???  Screaming at you every time you walk by it?)   It was next in line until I remembered I had to finish the auction quilts.  The backing is ready, there’s batting…. so when I get the auction stuff done which I need for June, I will FINALLY get Child’s Play quilted.  (Okay – it probably won’t be until July since I have to do my Camp Loopy quilt – oh no, Camp is 3 months long which means three fabric projects…….hmmmm, I guess it will keep taunting me a bit longer till I get time to get started on it.)

In the meantime, head over to and check it out.  Lots of possibilities for these fun blocks for kids of all sizes – the entire quilt or combine several blocks for a wall hanging – throw pillows.  Add a tape measure to the side of the hopscotch block for a cute wall hanging to be used as a grow chart.  Or a train above the bed or a chest of drawers in a boys (or girls) room.  And, if you start it soon, the chances  are you will finish your version of it before I ever get mine quilted!! 🙂

Camp Loop – the Fabric version



My fabric for the first Camp Loopy fabric project arrived earlier this week.

It’s going to be a dilemma come June 1 when both fabric camp and yarn camp start –start with knitting or start with quilting?

In the meantime, I need to figure out what size project I plan to end up with.  It’s going to be a large wall hanging called “Snow on the Lake” or something similar. It should be pretty simple but you know how long it sometimes takes me to get those quilting projects finished and this one has to be finished by the end of June.

All the more reason why I should get off the computer and go finishing stitching down the binding on the auction quilt I need for June.  I need to get those finished before Camp starts!

But check this out first…..

20140521_2   What is it you wonder?    It’s a even prettier in person shawl pin.  A friend who was hiking in Utah for a couple weeks found it somewhere where they had a bunch of local artists selling their work.  The feathery looking top is actually a bit more greenish than it looks in the photo.  Can’t wait to try it out.