Sunday Stashbusting and other happenings

First the stash busting report because miracle of miracles, I have been quilting and I have finished (or finished enough to tally it) a project!  It’s been a while since that happened.   I even turned down an offer of a friend to stop at the quilt shop last Friday night – well if you aren’t doing much sewing it makes it easier to pass up a stop (plus I knew it was too late and they were already closed). LOL

Anyway  Yardage used year to date : 27 yards   Yardage added YTD:  5.75    Used this week: 10.5   Net busted YTD:  21.25


The border is now quilted on this one – got it finished last night.  Thought I had made the binding at the time I made the top but perhaps not — or it’s hidden in one of the places I didn’t look but I was tired of making a mess in the sewing room and – AHA! – found there was still some of the plaid in the stash and that’s what I wanted for the binding anyway.

As I was looking for binding, I came across more Stack ‘n Whack style blocks.  I call them the Mutant Frogs.  20140427_7 Because of the spacing /repeat of the frogs, they don’t make quite as interesting kaleidoscope but they’ll make a fun little boy’s quilt I think.   

And my second sweater is done – sewed the buttons on last night and if the weather warms up a little I might actually get to wear it (since it’s cold and damp and dreary today – raining raining raining – and it’s supposed to be that way all this coming week!)  Not a great photo since it’s a bathroom selfie and the light in my bathroom is throwing off the color of the sweater but until I get a nice sunny day to take a photo…..

So my Knit the Stash totals – well there’s much more yarn added in so far this year than knit but with this sweater finish, I’ve now knit 7,945 yards so far this year – not bad.


CustomFit Cardipalooza KAL and Loopy Groupie Wollmeise KAL.  Started 3/16/14 finished 4/26/14

CustomFit Cardipalooza KAL and Loopy Groupie Wollmeise KAL. Started 3/16/14 finished 4/26/14


Now, a bit of brunch to find, and then a bit of cleaning, and since it’s such a rainy dreary day,  I think the rest of the day will be spent watching movies and either layering another quilt or knitting or both!

Don’t forget to stop back tomorrow for…..



6 comments on “Sunday Stashbusting and other happenings

  1. Whoo! Whoo! Love the sweater. How did you get the picture without the camera in the picture. I wouldn’t be able to do that…:-]

  2. That sweater is really flattering and such a pretty pattern in it. Nicely done! The frog quilt will be a hoot, and some little boy or girl will love it.

  3. Orange plaid binding is perfect. Love this quilt.
    I can hear little boys giggle as they find frog eyes, legs or other body parts that make little boys giggle. What fun blocks!
    That sweater! I love, love, love it.

  4. Your sweater is beautiful! I think any little boy will love the frog quilt you made, maybe there is even a little girl or two who would love it!

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