More quilting time

The binding is now on the quilt I finished yesterday and since the table was fairly empty, I grabbed the ladybug quilt – which I made for the Komen Golf Outing Auction too – how could it not be with those pink ladybugs — layered that with some pink ribbon fabric left over from one of the past year’s quilts.

20140427_2  So far I have all the horizontal straight line quilting done following the white “plus signs and then stitching straight across the ladybugs as if the white continued.   After I get all the vertical ones done, then I’ll decide what if anything else I’ll add.

The sewing room is now a mess again because I had pulled all kinds of stuff out of the closet looking for the binding I “thought” I had made.   It can stay messy for a few days tho – when I cleaned and reorganized the rest of the room, I didn’t do the closet so since I’ve got a bunch of storage tubs pulled out of it already, might as well clean out the closet and put everything back in organized.  So I’ll work on that a little at a time in the evenings this week I think.  Certainly can’t do it now — it’s time to go throw a potato in the oven and then I think a bit of knitting until dinner is ready. 🙂


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  1. Well, you’ve had a busy weekend! That is a nice and bright quilt for the Komen auction. Someone will be really pleased to have it!

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