A fun mail day

I love getting fun stuff in the mail.  First, at work my latest Box of Fun arrived.

20140421_5 The orange yellow is the Kauni I had but I needed another ball of it to make the Wiggle Wrap  rav_link the size I wanted so that’s what the blue/purple one is – it’s just wound in the reverse color scheme of the orange/yellow one.  And the Black/gray ones are the second yarn for that wrap – the colors alternate bright and dark. Can’t wait to get started on that one.


That package also contained the Broody Bantams – which will become some warm cozy scarf I think.  Oh Lordy, more yarn to add to the very poorly named “Knit from the Stash” report. 😉   But, I nearly have a sweater finished – couple rows on one button band and then the buttonhole side of the band.  I dug through my button bin but nothing good in there to use so I’ll have to do some button shopping.




And then when I got home there was a package of this


Advance copies of the next Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Magazine.


My day of the blog tour is next Monday -the first day of the tour.  So don’t forget to stop back and see what’s going on that day – and maybe win one of these issues for yourself. 🙂