The little things

20140420_1Remember how it’s the little things that I get excited about — like those grapefruit spoons I had found. LOL

Well I have been fighting a losing battle with my ironing board for a while now.  The latch on the bottom that holds it to the highest height is giving out.  Every once in a while it slips and as I’m ironing the board goes ka chunk ka chunk ka chunk down to the lower levels until it catches – or ends up lowered to the floor.  This is not healthy for an iron whether it is hot or not (tho would be a good excuse to replace this once since I picked up the wrong style Rowenta and don’t like this one nearly as much as the other style I usually buy).  But, so far no damage to the iron – it just scares the heck out of me.  But an ironing board is not one of those things I remember to buy when I’m out shopping with friends but this morning, after having breakfast with a friend and stopping at a store or two, I actually remembered to buy a new ironing board. Yes there it is in all it’s shrink-wrapped glory.  Black – even the legs – which seems a bit unusual.

It actually “feels” like a spring day outside today.  It’s not necessarily sunny but it is much warmer than it has been and I’ve actually got the door cracked open as well as my sewing room window to finally let some fresh air in – as long as it doesn’t get windy since the window is right next to all those quilt pieces I put I order not long ago ont hat design wall.

20140420_2 All four winter caps – the April blocks for Knitter’s Gifts, are now done except for the squaring up.  So I’m actually caught up on this project tho I can’t say the same for Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society — I need to print a couple patterns and decide on fabrics.

Picked up a new movie while I was out shopping so I think some movie watching and some machine quilting will be how I spend my afternoon.


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