Did the quilting elves make you dinner?

I knew I couldn’t count on them so I started dinner earlier – baked potato, Paula Deen’s pineapple casserole (which I revamped to remove as many points as I could but it just wouldn’t be right without that buttery cracker crumb topping on it) and smoked pork chop (since I didn’t want to buy ham and it tastes the same).   Yum might add in some fresh asparagus too.

Anyway, while I’m waiting for that to cook, I managed to get the rest of the center of the quilt done.  Just the wide border remains, which will probably get a big feather design in it but I’m going to wait and start work on that another day.  But the center went much quicker than I expected with not nearly the amount of wrestling with the quilt with this new machine as with my old one.  Those extra inches of space and the extended bed make things so much easier!

I tried taking a photo outside to see if I could get the stitching to show up better but although it’s gotten overcast (looks like it could rain) which usually means the stitching shows up a bit more, it didn’t help a lot but here are the photos anyway.

20140420_7 20140420_9

But the colors in the photos are true.    I’m also going to have to go on the search for the binding  that I  believe I made back when I made the quilt top – tho I think I actually might just know where it is.


In the meantime, I pulled out a little springy  colored wallhanging I spied hanging on a hanger in the closet.  I think the leftover batting and backing I trimmed of the quilt is just the right side for the table runner so going to get that layered and maybe start a bit of quilting on that.20140420_12


3 comments on “Did the quilting elves make you dinner?

  1. The table runner is so pretty. I love the bright, happy, spring colors. Glad the new machine is making quilting easier for you! Your work is always so beautiful!

  2. Denise you always seem like such a happy, upbeat person even when you are without your family on a holiday. You are uplifting.

    • I generally am an upbeat happy person nearly all the time (except in the early morning as my boss will attest to — I hate really happy morning people – they deserve to be tortured.) 🙂 I’m definitely not the type of person to be unhappy simply because it says on the calendar it’s a holiday. I much prefer to spend time with my family when it is not a holiday — too many people crammed in one place all talking over each other and eating too much — I prefer a quiet day at home quilting to that. LOL I consider it a “holiday” anytime I do get together with them – not because a calendar says it’s a holiday. We may be spread out (not nearly as much as we were) but being spread out has enabled me to visit lots of states I night not have seen and also Europe, which I know I never would have gotten to if my brother hadn’t lived there for a while.

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