Off to a good start….

20140419_8 20140419_9  Quilt is layered and all the peachy plaid large squares now have a spiral flower design in the middle of them.  They might show up a bit better on the tan backing fabric in the photos.

But time for a break, figure out what’s for dinner, and do a few chores while I contemplate the quilting design for the rest of it.



Next up to be quilted — and the giveaway winner

What’s next to get quilted??  There are several I really need/want to get quilted soon.  But there is a bit of priority to some so while I’m itching to do one of the more “fun” ones, this one is for a donation quilt that needs to get done first.

20140419_5 I have no idea how long ago I made this quilt top.  I do believe that somewhere in one of my hidey holes or baskets or bins I also already of the peachy/coral plaid fabric binding already made which hopefully I’ll be able to find back.

Just need to press the quilt top and then I can start pinning since the backing and batting are already all smoothed out on my table.  I think it’s just going to get an overall meander with maybe a flower design scattered here and there and need to decide what thread I’m going to use.  But before heading back to the ironing board…..


The winner of the Knitter’s Gifts BOM giveaway…..I had the random number generator pick a number between 1 and 50. It chose

april random number


So, counting each individual block in the Flickr group that is a part of this quilt — lucky number 8’s block belongs to

Nannylor’s red stocking with the peppermint candies border.   Congratulations!   My direct email address is under my photo – please email me privately your name and mailing address.


Lastly, here’s my fabric choices for my 4th winter cap block (not stitched I place yet)


Happy Saturday Morning!

The sun is shining and even tho it’s a bit chilly out, at least it is brightening up my sewing room.  Could it actually be the days of snow and ice are behind us for a few months? 🙂

Despite the fact that I wasted most of yesterday afternoon looking at Ravelry patterns, I did actually get busy after dinner and knit thru the entire first hank of the handspun for my Quaker Yarn Stretcher.  By then it was 11:00 p.m. or so and I wasn’t in the mood to go pull out the yarn swift and winder to wind the other hank so instead got started on this month’s Knitter’s Gifts blocks.  After debating and changing my mind several times on fabric combinations, I managed to get everything cut and three of my four winter caps are completed; the pieces for the other one are ready and waiting.

There’s something about very simple blocks done in gorgeous batiks that just make me smile when I see them.  The simplicity of the block lets the color-drenched batiks really shine and I love that.

20140419_1 20140419_2 20140419_3 Ignore the fact that some of them look too close or not centered — that’s just the crop of the photo.

Final reminder about loading your photos of your finished Knitter’s Gifts blocks to the Flickr group.  Later today I’ll do the drawing for the giveaway and if you don’t have photos you won’t be eligible for this month’s drawing 😦 and you know you want one of these totebags. LOLknitbag