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20140418_1  I got sidetracked as I was writing my last on the Needles post — trying to decide what I want to use this yarn for — and never posted the photo.  Yes, it might have been a recent acquisition.  You can barely see inside it but this one is Kauni Effektgarn EQ  which is rainbow colored in long color changes.



I love the simplicity of the Wiggle Wrap and the pattern is a really simple knit so unless you have something to make it more interesting, I might get bored with it (you know I tend to jump from project to project anyway). But what will keep this one interesting is all those different colors appearing on the needles.  The yarn I bought is the same colored yarn as in the photo and if you look on Ravelry under the projects for that pattern you’ll see tons of great looking Wiggles. 🙂  I was trying to decide what solid color I’d put with it and then decided  I really want the wider wrap (it’s in two sizes) and if I can make it even longer, that would be even better since I’m tall (in height and around) so I needed to get more of this EQ color (and The Loopy Ewe had not sold out of it yet so I got some) and decided to get the same type of yarn but in the color that goes from black to light gray so there will be movement in color both in background and in the brights.


And yes, I also got some bulky yarn on sale at Craftsy — I originally bought it to make a gift out of but I’m thinking I may need to keep it for myself.  Will have to wait and see if I can part with the project when it’s done.

20140418_5Although one of them looks different, it’s just wound inside out compared to the rest.


Good grief – it’s 5 p.m. – so much for my sewing this afternoon!  Or knitting for that matter.  No more Ravelry pattern browsing – need to go start picking up stitches around my cardi neckline.


Oh – and if you’re doing the Knitter’s Gifts BOM – I just added the pattern for tomorrow today.  Will I be able to catch up before next month?  Time will tell.  If you haven’t gotten the March pattern, do so now – it will disappear tomorrow. 😉  If you haven’t loaded up any photos of your Knitter’s Gifts blocks so far – stop holding out on us.  We love to see all those fun blocks.  And, tomorrow there will be a giveaway drawing for one of the Knitter’s Gifts tote bags and if you don’t have your photos loaded, you can’t possibly be chosen. 🙂  I’ll approve all photos that are awaiting moderation before I do the drawing tomorrow.


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  1. That is really a pretty ball of yarn. You mentioned the Wiggle Wrap would look good with long colors changes to make it interesting — would your Loopy Legion Mandarin Duck fit the bill too for that wrap? I bought some of yours and Judy’s for my stash.

    • Those yarns (Loopy Legend Yarns) are not long color changes. You definitely wouldn’t get the same look as in the pattern but heck it may be a look you end up liking. Not sure how it would turn out.

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