Back on the Wall

20140413_2 This photo looks very similar to the last — I’ve got the blocks back in their original  order with the help of the photo.  I don’t think I would have every gotten them going correctly otherwise.  There was only one problem — I’m missing one measly little triangle.  Drat.  I went though the purple stash stack, pulled out a bag I knew had bright-colored scraps and went through that but not a bit of that fabric to be found — or any of these fabrics except for lots more flamingos.  I did find the purple piece on the lower left which would be similar in color tone but I know it will bug me if I put in just that one piece.  The purple – tho it looks solid in the photos, looks like tiny  cookie sprinkles in many colors have been dumped on it.

I decided it will be far less annoying to me if I take out the other single triangle in the bottom row and put in flamingo triangles in those two spots.  Or I could take out basically half a block all along the bottom of the design so it ends a bit higher but that sounds like a whole lot of work.  Will have to see what I think when I get that far.


7 comments on “Back on the Wall

  1. Take a piece on white fabric about 8 x 11, iron it to a piece of freezer paper. Put it in your copiers paper tray and do a copy of the right fabric. It should print on the white fabric, not perfect, but close. Or you could take a photo of the fabric and print it.

  2. If you could send me a scan of the missing fabric, I’d be happy to see if I have a little scrap of it in my stash to send you!

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