Back on the Wall

20140413_2 This photo looks very similar to the last — I’ve got the blocks back in their original  order with the help of the photo.  I don’t think I would have every gotten them going correctly otherwise.  There was only one problem — I’m missing one measly little triangle.  Drat.  I went though the purple stash stack, pulled out a bag I knew had bright-colored scraps and went through that but not a bit of that fabric to be found — or any of these fabrics except for lots more flamingos.  I did find the purple piece on the lower left which would be similar in color tone but I know it will bug me if I put in just that one piece.  The purple – tho it looks solid in the photos, looks like tiny  cookie sprinkles in many colors have been dumped on it.

I decided it will be far less annoying to me if I take out the other single triangle in the bottom row and put in flamingo triangles in those two spots.  Or I could take out basically half a block all along the bottom of the design so it ends a bit higher but that sounds like a whole lot of work.  Will have to see what I think when I get that far.


The Puzzlement has been solved!

I spent most of yesterday looking through CDs to try to find the photo I knew I had taken of the blocks laid out properly that I showed in the last blog post.  The CDs are labeled poorly, like they say EQ or they say Quilt Photos, or they say Misc.    These are not necessarily helpful hints.

I never did find the photo I was looking for yesterday and I got sidetracked on a different project and the day got away from me (as explained below) but this morning I got to thinking, maybe it was “real photograph” – yes some of you will remember those – you know, in the olden days before digital cameras and scanners and printers that could print photos at home or at least before “I” got a digital camera).

Anyway, I have one album full of quilt photos so I started flipping through and lo and behold!!

spinning penguin tumbing blocksThere it is.  I knew I had to get the color sequence going right in order to get the partial blocks that fill out the piece in properly but I just couldn’t remember  how they went.  I’m going to get this all laid back out on the design wall and it’s not coming down until it’s stitched together.


There are so many quilted items in that photo album I had forgotten about since many were made as gifts or given away, many were donated to charitable causes, some were sold, and a whole lot went to family members and a few select friends.  Yes – it took a long time before I actually had a quilt I kept for MY bed and I still only have one (tho there are several tops needing quilting that are slated for my bed).

So all that brought along the idea that got me sidetracked yesterday — pulling photos off the badly identified CDs to save and upload into slideshows so I have them all in one place.

The easiest way for me to do this (and not use up all the space on this blog), was to create two new blogs.  This is the only blog that actual blog posts will be made to.  The other two are just to hold the slideshows of the photos I gather from cds and scan and save from the actual printed photos.  So all the chatter will be here and will still include quilting stuff and knitting stuff and whatever else and the other two blogs are just for a bit of eye candy and a way to gather everything together in one place so if you should have a question about one of the photos (which I may or may not be able to help with since some of these go back a long way and remembering  materials, patterns, etc. may not possible)  you will need to post your comment/question on this blog since I have the comments  turned off on those other two blogs.   Right now, there’s no real organization to the photos but once I get them all collected, there will be.

I was surprised the scan from an actual printed photograph  turned out so well – the image above was scanned on my printer and actually looks better than the original photo so scanning them all shouldn’t be bad.

So, you will see two new buttons in the side bar – Justknittin and JustquiltinQuilts.  Justknittin has — yes you’ve probably guessed it — all the knitting photos.  If you’ve followed my blog for a long time, you’ve probably seen many of those photos.  I knit when I was younger and through high school but then pretty much stopped knitting other than keeping everyone in mittens.   Funny, not long ago my Mom asked what made me pick up knitting again.  It was socks!  (so I think I have to blame it on friend Judy) LOL Her socks were so fun and pretty and with my big feet, store-bought socks were simply horrible.   I just looked back on the blog and I ordered my first sock yarn exactly five years ago tomorrow (and did blame Judy on that blog post! LOL)  (oh gosh and look at what a yarn stash I’ve accumulated in those five years – let’s block that part out of our minds shall we!!) 😉  and the other thing I told Mom, was the yarns.  Oh the wonderful yarns — not the plain acrylic (I’m not knocking acrylic — it was the only thing readily available at that time — remember, the time before the internet and online shops and I grew up in a village of 530 people and the closest store that “might” have yarn was Pamida or Ben Franklin) and all of those were about a half hour away at least.   But now, the blends, the colors, the hand dyers — so many wonderful choices makes knitting so much more fun.    But I digress.

As I was scanning the above image, I decided I might as well fill up the scanner bed so just for fun, here’s the other photos that were in that album page which will be added to the  JustquiltinQuilts blog — yep, you guessed it – that’s where you’ll find the slide show of the quilts.

snippet flowers 2 snippet flowers 1 attack of the holiday elves - last year

Two Snippet quilts and then a photo from the final year that I made a crazy amount of Christmas Elves.  I thought I’d never want to see another one of them in my life (and I don’t unless I go to someone’s house who still has one since I never kept one for myself).


Okay – enough of memory lane – grab a cup of coffee and check out the blog slideshows when you have nothing more exciting to do.


I’m off to see if I can get those blocks arranged on the design wall and then to finish sewing my Cardipalooza sweater.  I finished the sleeves Fri nite, blocked them, stitched them in last night and stitched one side seam so just have to finish the other side seam and then I can work on the front edge trim— nearly completed.