It’s a puzzlement…

Ever since friend Judy started showing photos of her One Block Wonder quilt she’s working on – it got be thinking about a Stack ‘n Whack quilt that is in the stack waiting to be quilted, and another design that was in a baggie – blocks made but not sewn into rows.

As I was in the sewing room looking for something tonight, I came across the baggie of those blocks.

20140411_6  Here they are in all their blocks and bits.  Now the puzzlement is, I can’t remember how it went together. LOL     I know I actually took a photo of it before I took it off the design wall but finding that photo – well that will not be a quick task.  I’ll have to see if I still have the book here.  They make sort of three dimensional looking blocks but I can’t remember where my partial blocks went to get the colors turning correctly.

I was thinking I might use this wall hanging as one of the fundraiser projects I need to make.  They always like it when I give them one with fun fabric in it.    And what is more fun than spinning flamingos???   Well spinning flamingos wearing sunglasses of course! 😉   I’ll have to think more on this one in the light of day.

20140411_7 20140411_8


On the Needles, Friday, April 11, 2014

My Cardipalooza Customfit Cardi maybe just might show up in next week’s report as finished!

20140411_4Have I mentioned how nicely the Wollmeise DK knits up – it’s really nice to work with.

The elbow length sleeves just have two rows I think of decreases left to do.  I plan to get those finished off and get them soaking and blocking tonight.

The other sweater pieces are already blocked so I can start seaming them tonight and maybe work on the front bands.

And have I mentioned how much I like seaming — yes I know that’s a bit weird but it’s so fun to see it all come together and very relaxing (at least so far on the projects I’ve done).

And have I mentioned how great I thought the Craftsy Class “Seaming Handknits by Chris Blysma” is.  I wholeheartedly recommend it – it has so much information and I think it’s on sale this weekend if you are interested.

And have I mentioned more yarn arrived this week?? 🙂  But before I get to that and what it’s done to my “knit from the stash” numbers 😦

I posted this photo earlier in the week but wanted to include it again for the On the Needles report … my sister’s Sunny Days Top complete!

20140409_10   So since I finished this, and added the yarn to my yards knit total, I have now knit 6,073 yards so far this year (well I’ve knit more because I reknit part of my sweater multiple times! LOL  but I’m counting finished project yardage).  And, with the lastest yarn additions this week, which you will see below, my yardage in for the year is 22,512 yards (gulp!). Considering I knit 20,100 or so yards all of last year, I need to knit faster I think. LOL  Actually, I figured out that if I divided last year’s total knit by 12 months, and then figured that monthly total for 4.5 months so far this year, I’m pretty much on track with last year’s totals so when I get my sweater finished, I’ll be ahead of the monthly totals.  Not that it matters, that’s just your trivia information for this Friday. 🙂 (It’s been a long busy week at work and I’m a little punch drunk from looking at lots of papers and bills and files…oh my! — so will be glad it just sit and knit tonight.)

Anyway, yes I know you’re waiting to see what yarn wandered into my home…..


First the hand spun yarn for a gift.



And then more Bamboo Pop — this is the same brand I used for my sister’s top and I love it.  I hope it wears well because it feels wonderful and knits up so nicely.

20140409_13  I got “Ocean” colorway for my next Customfit top, which I may need to cast on tonight now that I think about it because seaming that darker green sweater will be much easier by the light of day coming in my window  (yes, any excuse to start a new project) or I may wind the yarn and cast on the handspun project. I’m anxious to see if it stripes or now it looks in a Quaker Yarn Stretcher.

Anyway, the most recent Box of Fun contained my Denise’s Mandarin Duck Loopy Legends yarn. 🙂 Here again is the inspiration photo I sent them to come up with the yarn.

canard-mandarin-620x295  And here is the actual yarn, tho you really need to check it out on the Loopy Ewe website because my photo was taken in not great light and then the flash overpowered it – it’s so much prettier in real life.


Yes, this last box of fun really upped the tally of yarn added in.  Okay – I need to go get busy knitting, enough typing. 🙂