Box of Fun #1 (and a bit more)

Today I received my first Box of Fun – the order I placed before my Loopy Legend yarn was available.   It’s the yarn I wanted for a top for me — summer short sleeved (or maybe elbow length – can’t remember what I put into the Customfit pattern off the top of my had) pullover.  Fairly plain except for a panel of this stitch up the center front of the sweater

20140406_5  I swatched the stitch with leftovers from my sister’s top since I’m using the same kind of yarn for my sweater.


Can’t wait to get started on it – I’m been knitting mostly on darker colors so it was a nice change to work with this strawberry yarn for my sister’s top and I got  this pretty blue called Ocean for my sweater.  I forgot I had also ordered some stitch markers along with that order – that was before I found the lovely glass ones I also ordered from an Etsy shop.  I’m always loosing stitch markers, they occasionally go flinging across the room or I have to search the chair cushions for them but I think many get sucked up in the vacuum before I realize they were on the floor.   I will have a good supply on hand.



My handspun yarn I ordered also arrived today – it is for a gift that I need to whip up fairly quickly.  Aren’t the colors in it gorgeous!  They are a little bit darker than the photo shows – it’s 50% merino and 50% tencel so it has a pretty sheen to it and the color is called Summer Tropics from Kitty Grrlz.    I plan to make another Quaker Yarn Stretcher rav_linkshawl with it.  The one I made for me was with Kitty Grrlz hand spun also and  I just love it.

Now check this out — I’m so keeping my fingers crossed it fits my sister because I think it turned out so very cute.  Renee’s Sunny Days Toprav_link is blocked and ready to send off in the mail.   I don’t think the amount of yarn used in that top is going to offset the incoming yarn on my Knit from the Stash tally 😉  But!  My Customfit Cardipalooza / Loopy Groupy Wollmeise KAL sweater is nearing completion which will help with the numbers (a bit anyway).  I’m working both sleeves at the same time and I’m more than half done — so glad they are only elbow length and not long sleeves!